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  1. tjg53

    Choosing goggles

    I like the amber lenses my self for cloudy days , as well on sunny days too. They just make every thing sharper.
  2. tjg53

    oh look another suspension question

    what is you static sag at 112 mm ? As every one is saying that's to much. Start with 100 and try it , check your static sag , should be with in 30 to 35 mm. If not then you need diff. springs.
  3. Been riding a lot of years, 69 tomorrow and still love riding. First broken bone at 67 , ankle, healed fine thank god. as i get older I have slowed down so i can keep riding. It’s a good way to stay in shape and helps keep you young. To have fun you don’t need to go wide open, only in your mind. So slow down and and have fun.
  4. tjg53

    2018 Honda 450R oil capacity?

    WOW just take it to instant oil change , and be done with it lol
  5. tjg53

    Fork compression test

    they should be real close in feel. So what feels diff. ? Is one softer feeling , or travel is not the same ?
  6. tjg53

    2019 EC200 Test Ride

    I`d like to see how you like it when you get out to some single track. And what you think of the suspension in the woods , and on some woops too. Can`t wait to hear. Great looking bike !
  7. tjg53

    Forks: what to soften stack?

    Ya that’s what I’m trying to do. I understand the face shims , I’m not clear on MV , and hi speed shims. When you remove hi speed shims , where do you put the 10,or 8 back in?
  8. tjg53

    Forks: what to soften stack?

    Ok , though that that was the rebound.
  9. tjg53

    Forks: what to soften stack?

    MV I’m not sure what part of the stack that is.
  10. New to this so I need help. If you what to soften your forks to use more of your fork travel , would you move 1 or 2 of the bigger shims next to the piston down to the botton of the stack.
  11. tjg53

    hi - low range ,oil

    Well I played with the clickers too , and ended up two clicks stiffer on comp. , rebound was good. It handles the bumps , roots , no jarring , or wallowing. I`ll have to get out to some tighter trails to see how really handles.
  12. tjg53

    hi - low range ,oil

    Ok , so to day I dropped the oil level to 330 cc in the forks and it using all but the last 3" , be for it was only using 6 or 7" of travel at most.
  13. tjg53

    xc 250

    Whats a low hour ( 18) hours 2017 XC250f go for. Its really clean , but they had a 2017 XC 350f also , asking 5,600 for , and the 250 asking 7,100. I don`t know the hours on the 350. The 2019 are out , so I thougth the 250 would go for less ?