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  1. With the stock powervalve spring in it definitely had more of a hit, but by switching to the softer spring it made the power much smoother. I also went to a 49 rear sprocket which helped smooth it out further and helped with gear spacing for my style riding.
  2. Both have been good. I'm running 50/1 and followed the book for jetting specs for elevation and temp, which recommended two lower on the main and pilot jets and it seems to be pretty spot on. I could probably go tad leaner with the jetting, or go to the recommended 60/1, but it runs really clean so I've left it as-is. For the fork I've been running 139psi and went 2 clicks stiffer on the compression and it's been good. For stock suspension it's the best I've ran. Usually the first thing I do with new bikes is get them re-valved, but this one works well enough I've just been running the stock set-up with a stiffer shock spring so far.
  3. Yes, bike feels really light through the woods. I went to the softer power valve spring to take a little of the hit away and it works really well.
  4. Had to go a little leaner on the main and pilot jets, and went to a 49 rear sprocket, otherwise bike runs great stock. I'm coming off a 350 with spring forks so I'm still dialing in the suspension, but so far it handles really well.
  5. Looked online, but haven't been able to find it. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmUWQO_nVns/?hl=en&taken-by=kr_557
  6. Looking for some glide plate recommendations for a 2018 KTM 250SX. I prefer the more minimal plates, but haven't been able to find many options for this bike. Most appear to be the larger skidplates that keep coming up for this bike. Does anyone have recommendations or images to share?
  7. My elevation is similar. I would try the 32 to start and go from there.
  8. +1 on the pipe bang. I just picked up a 19 250 and noticed the same issue. Went to a smaller pilot jet and it went away. Also, definitively play around with the gearing. I went to a 48 in the rear and it made a huge difference. Currently running 48 in the rear with the Green spring and bike is working great.
  9. Bought an XC, but want to get an extra SX tank for when I'm doing moto, and some plastic to start.
  10. Just picked up a 2019 KTM, but can't find anywhere to order OEM parts yet. Both online sites and dealers only have the 2018's so far.. anyone know where to order 2019 OEM parts or an online microfiche for part numbers?
  11. I thought that originally as well, but a dealer mentioned they were different so i wasn’t sure which was correct. Are there differences between the 2-stroke models maybe?
  12. What about the engine itself. Are there ignition or flywheel changes between the two? I don't need a larger tank, 18" wheel and suspension would be re-valved anyways. I mostly interested in the power delivery differences between the two.
  13. Anyone know the differences between the new bikes this year?
  14. With the 2019 model releases, any word on rebates for the 2018 models? Debating whether to wait for the 2019's, or pick up a 2018 if I can get a good price. Any idea of OTD prices for a 2018 350 XCF on the east coast?
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