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  1. powercore, nothing beats it for the money
  2. nji320

    Power Now/Slipping

    Has anyone ever heard of a power now unit slipping out of place?
  3. nji320

    05 PMB insert installed w/pic

    Domenic, I noticed the RMS sticker on your bike and the MRANN number. do you live in Reno? Did you have to re-jet after the new pipe? I live in Verdi and I just put a new pipe on mine and I cant get the jetting right. It's down at RMS right now so I can have it for Fallon on Sunday. Im wondering if you live in my neighborhood your quad looked familiar in the picture in your garage.
  4. nji320

    Which FMF Pipe?

    I dont know aaboutthe megabomb but I can tell you that the powerbomb is best I ever did for my bike. I've ridden the yosh pipe on the same year bike as mine 04wr450 and t wasn't nearly as snappy. I have the stainless steel powerbob and the powercore4 muffler.
  5. nji320

    Exhaust full system or just slip-on?

    I just put a powerbomb header and a powercore4 pipe on and my 04 WR450 and the bike came alive. I think this is the best setup for the money by far. The whole system stainless steel for $435.
  6. nji320

    I rode an 04 yesterday

    I just bought the 04 about a week ago. It sucked with the stock pipe. I put a powerbomb header and powercore4 exhaust on it and Holy $#*$#* that thing hauls ass. I ride a KX500 out at the dunes all the time and I really feel although its a little different power that the 450 will tie the 500 to the top of a hill. It all about the powerBOMB. have fun Nick
  7. Can anyone give me some help on setting up my suspension on my wr450? I just bought the thing and I have a desert race this weekend and no clue as to what to set the suspension at. I weigh about 215 with gear on. mostly desert riding. Thanks Nick
  8. I just bought a used 04wr450 today. All the guy did was take the throttle stop out. Where do I start, I want this thing to haul ass. I took out the spark arrestor, im getting a pipe soon any suggestions? (slip on for now) Can I do anything to the airbox etc...? I dont think he ever adjusted the valvles seeing as he was a new rider. He never reset his odo it has 730 miles on it and it turns out he only had one service to change oil and remove throttle stop at about 150 miles. Hopefully its ok, it starts right up feels like it needs a spark plug and a valve adj. though. Thanks for any help... Nick
  9. nji320

    Radiators galore

    Just an FYI, about two weeks ago I found this same guy Alan from NIC on E-bay selling radiators. I got a hold of him and bought one for very cheap from him. He only had 03 radiators which will fit 02 bikes except the radiator shrouds don't fit very well. I had to zip ty them to the radiator because the 03 radiator is like 3 or 4 inches wider than the 02. According to him he only made 03's for them he never made 02 radiators, so just keep in mind that they will work if there is no other choice but it doesn't fit perfect because its so much wider than the 02. All the intakes and mounting holes are in the exact same place as the 02's with the exception of the tabs on the lower outside part of the radiatior that the shrouds bolt to.
  10. nji320

    2nd Annual West Coast TT ride is Schedualed

    Is it the weekend after mommies day or is it the 23rd- :excuseme:26th?
  11. nji320

    I need a radiator...Help...

    Thanks for the ebay tip. I looked the day before and nothing. I have a bid in on e-bay now. I am definatley going to order a guard also. Nick
  12. nji320

    I need a radiator...Help...

    Anyone have a radiator for an E440? Thanks, Nick
  13. nji320

    HR is airborne

    I hope all goes well, its people like him that keep our country free! Thanks HR...
  14. nji320

    Cannondale officially sold.

    It still looks very uncertain for the motorsports division. If pegasus is not going to run it who is?
  15. nji320

    Are Cannondale riders older? What are your ages?

    Im 31, I think he's on to something here...