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  1. streetbooty

    Zip Tie Shootout: What's the best brand?

    And made in the USA. https://www.amazon.com/Thomas-Betts-TY525MX-CABLE-50LB/dp/B001DEHZ14/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1550451075&sr=8-2&keywords=tyraps
  2. streetbooty

    Zip Tie Shootout: What's the best brand?

    It would have been nice to see Thomas and Betts in the mix.
  3. streetbooty

    Since I can't ride......

    The nice thing about WA is no state income tax. Still waffling on which bike and ever since the day I got the DRZ in 06 there was a GG Pampera 300 and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it over the DRZ.
  4. streetbooty

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    Well that brings me too gearing. I was thinking 50 outback and just switch out the front. 13, 14, 15 out to give some range. Can I do this with the same chain length? I like that BYOB thing Beta does. I can just see me just buying a bike right from my easy chair.
  5. streetbooty

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    It really sounds like the bike I'm looking for.
  6. streetbooty

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    What I would be afraid of is just wishing I should have bought a 500. With all the modifications or adjustments that need to be made to get some bikes to run right it seems the Beta's were closer to being out of the box ready from the reviews I've been seeing. The problem is DS technology is too slow to advance from the old school era. It's time I quit waiting for just the right bike to come around to get me back into the saddle. Being close to lots of highway and open desert I want to make sure I get enough bike and still have some pleasure if I get into tight single track.
  7. streetbooty

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    So I'm looking to get back into the game finally after trading off the DRZ for a quad 7 years ago. I'm in central WA and I'm down to 2 choices for a new bike. Beta 390 or the 430...which way do I go?
  8. streetbooty

    Need new Trail-DualSport riding buddies

    In kind of the same boat. I'll look ya up when I get into biking mode. I'm in Ephrata.
  9. New to area looking for someone to Dualsport with in the Ellensberg area. Avid snowmobile rider AKA Sled2Shred.
  10. streetbooty

    Still plating in CA ? Please help....

    the registration is for a 230 not a 250 Honda.
  11. streetbooty

    Done with the DRZ!

    This was the bike I was leaning on. http://www.mtbakermoto.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=08332941X8K31K2009J7I38I14JPMQ3134R0&veh=112428&CatDesc=Motorcycles&ModelYear=2009 or maybe this one http://www.skagitpowersports.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=02352106X8K31K2009J7I40I59JPMQ2149R0&veh=97739&CatDesc=Motorcycles&ModelYear=2009
  12. streetbooty

    Done with the DRZ!

    OK the last ride was a good but aggresive one. I was usually the slowest one of the bunch. One being on the 2010 Husaberg 390 which I was afraid of to ride since I new that would do me in for a new one. So as my sore ass recovers after a good day of riding, I ponder which bike would bring up my pleasure of ride and hone my trail skills. I'm considering a new yet maybe a hold over depending on the deal I can find. I am even considering a 2 stroke except needing a plate for Washington State. What bike would be best for me?
  13. streetbooty

    Why wont they build what we want?

    I had both bikes and sold the TW 4 years ago to a friend who still has it. I wish the TW woulda had a 6 speed 2 range tranny with a 350 with more clearance. That 200 was a goat with low gearing. A ride I miss. The DRZ give me the desire for a better dirt bike plated.
  14. streetbooty

    Best bike for the TSF!

    go ktm and make it street legal. i have a drz but its a little heavy but a plate is awesome.