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  1. WillieH

    Moose/O'brien desert rims

    Is this the YPDI John Talarico???
  2. WillieH

    1968 DT1 Project Bike

    Those tachs are "Rare" and getting harder to find, as are the original lower bracket mount tanks that they used only for the early '68 model production. The tank that came with mine was used as a chock block for a large semi... Fortunate to find an old school body and fender guy that was a "Master" metalsmith (and painter). He cut the whole right side off and hammered it back into shape and welded it back on!!! I told him I was going to race the bike and he almost choked thinking I would put his materpiece in danger. Good luck on your '68 project!! Willie
  3. WillieH

    1968 DT1 Project Bike

    Thanks Alan
  4. WillieH

    1968 DT1 Project Bike

    Those are some classic photos!! Remember... Ride Em, Don't Hide Em!!!
  5. WillieH

    1968 DT1 Project Bike

    Not real sure how to do this, but here's (I hope) a link to a video my daighter shot of the heat race. My return to oval racing after 35 years. Enjoy!!
  6. WillieH

    1968 DT1 Project Bike

    Made it to the track in Spokane Washington back in August. Raced in the "Over" class. Over 40, over 50 and over 60... I fit in the last category. The competition was 2) Honda CRF450's, a Champion framed Honda XL350 that had a 410cc kitted engine and a Honda CR500. I beat the guy on the CR500!! Very "Short" track, probably about 1/8 mile so the 500 must have been a real handful!! The smell of race gas and Blendzall still brings back memories of the '60s and '70s!!
  7. WillieH

    1968 DT1 Project Bike

    Everything is done. Now gotta wait 'til August 21 to ride it at the shorttrack races in Spokane Washington.
  8. WillieH

    1968 DT1 Project Bike

    Thanks!! It wasn't to bad. The fact that the early '68 used a unique tank mount (you can see the mounting boss under the fron of the tank) was the big hurtle. Very few ( a couple thousand) had this and the tanks and mounting hardware are very hard to find and if you find them, they bring premium prices. The cylinder, head and carb were GYT kit parts and the cylinder needed to be replated. Rings are getting hard to find. It was fun and kept me from chasing loose women over the Winter.
  9. WillieH

    1968 DT1 Project Bike

    Just finished up a Mid-Life-Crisis project. It was a long cold Winter and I was thinking about riding the Indoor Shorttrack series in Spokane. Maybe this Winter now that the project is done. http://www.flickr.com/photos/48000856@N06/ here's a before and after.
  10. WillieH

    Rough running DRZ

    Add some seafoam to some fresh gas and ride it. Cheap fix try #1 after vacuum lines, etc.
  11. WillieH

    Low speed stalling

    Had the same thing happen to me. I thought it was bad gas from the local Texaco station and went to a Chevron station and filled with fresh gas after draining the tank. Same thing. I bought a can of Seafoam at the local NAPA and added 1oz. per gal. (3 oz.) and within 10 miles, it was like riding a completely different motorcycle. I have read posts on other sites about Seafoam and was sceptical, but I now am a believer. Call it sanke oil if you like, but it worked in my case.
  12. WillieH

    fuel stabilizer?

    The vacuum tube works best for car engines. I think you might risk hydro-locking a single cylinder engine if you use the vacuum line method. I added one oz. per gallon to the gas (at a filling station) and within 2 miles things got a lot better. I had problems that made me think my pilot jet was partially plugged (idle was not consistent, stalled at the first turn of the throttle, exhaust popping with throttle off when slowing for traffic lights). My DRZ is completely stock, no 3X3 mod. stock exhaust, no aftermarket pipe, etc... Seafoam has really impressed me.
  13. WillieH

    fuel stabilizer?

    Anymore, with ethanol levels at or above 10%, moisture in gas is more likely than ever. I used regular red Sta-Bil for years. Recently, they have come out with a Marine Sta-Bil in blue and it mentions ethanol on the label. They both probably work just the same, but I still have issues with the DRZ after sitting for more than a week (hard starting, won't idle, awful low speed throttle response). Yeah, I know FCR would fix that... I bought a can of Seafoam and added the recommended amount to a fresh fill of gas. WOW!!! The stumbling and dying that went with the 14 or so days of sitting idle is gone. I buy my gas at a busy station and run Chevron or Shell (Top Tier listed fuel), so the product I get should not have a contamination problem. Just glad I found Seafoam!! My .02$$$
  14. WillieH

    Where are you putting your tools?

    Nice Job!! I need to do something... My 61 year old @$$ is getting killed by the stock seat. Thanks Willie
  15. WillieH

    Tool tube with pics

    Made mine and added an exhaust end cap I bought off ebay. The raw materials