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  1. oldnbold

    Old rider - new tricks

    Am I misreading something? What I read is you’re sitting most of the time even during a jump and controlling the pitch and yaw with your butt. Did I misread?
  2. oldnbold

    2019 YZ250F Dirtiest airbox ever ?

    IMO you need to experiment with better foam oils. Maxima has been my go to for the last 10 years.
  3. oldnbold

    Yz250f conflicting symptoms

    Hot start circuit leaking?
  4. oldnbold

    Yz250f conflicting symptoms

    How bad is the hanging idle?
  5. 07 was a great bike and very durable
  6. oldnbold

    06 Yz250F Jetting

    A jd jet kit with instructions would get you in great shape
  7. oldnbold

    2011 YZ250F timing help

    Check the timing chain guide down by the crank for bending inward
  8. oldnbold

    gytr valve spring help!!!

    I had an 09 with gytr cams. While directions from gytr said use oem springs they spec’d lighter valve keepers from a 10
  9. oldnbold

    YZ250F won’t start

    On the carb check the slide plate orientation as it’s very easy to be upside down and will have similar symptoms
  10. oldnbold

    Maintenance on a YZ250F

    I know. This is my second time to laugh at this thread being bumped.
  11. I recently purchased an ex pro's arenacross bike with 40 hrs on it. 2016 yz250f with a Enzo technica compression adjuster valve installed. ( I know, please no grief about ex pro's bikes. It wasn't revealed until after deal went through and price was spectacular) I'm in the process of revalving front and rear and my 1st attempt was better but all HS bumps are still too harsh. My question is does this Technica valve function differently than the OEM kyb?
  12. Is this a trick question?
  13. oldnbold

    WR transmission in 07 YZ250f

    What year bike?
  14. oldnbold

    Mellowing the 2017

    Change the gearing 1 or 2 teeth in the rear.
  15. oldnbold

    Need advice on an 09' YZ250F

    Suspension: forks: install lighter IC springs. I prefer 1.2 kgs vs stock 1.7. This will make 1st 1/3 of fork stroke more plush in square edged obstacles like roots and braking bumps. Sag: set race sag at 105mm. Fork height: hardpack set at the 5mm ( the line just down from cap). Sand: slide down till flush with bottom of cap. High speed rear compression: 2 out from fully closed for deep sand. 1.5 out for square edged hardpack. Gearing: 50t or 51t rear depending on how tight the corners are. IMO a 1 tooth change on front sprocket is too big of a change = 3.7 ish change in the rear. Sent from my SM-G900V using ThumperTalk mobile app