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  1. CRF2eR

    Oregon sucks, no woods ridng, don't come here!

    Exactly lol. You film that from your plane? Yeah, I was flying my Carrera ultralight while brother Bob was riding the gsxr 600 below. Here's a clip of him passing me doing 150 mph while I was flying at 65 mph.
  2. CRF2eR

    Oregon sucks, no woods ridng, don't come here!

    Something like this? Randy
  3. CRF2eR

    Single bike carrier setup.

    Yes, it drives great. Stock suspension 2018 WRX sti. I've tested it to 120 mph. My "stealth hitch" is rated 350 lbs tongue wt., so it is ok with my 230 lb bike. Randy
  4. CRF2eR

    How to start whipping it

  5. CRF2eR

    84 XL250R carb problems

    Make sure the rubber part of the intake manifold is still bonded to the aluminum part. After time, it can become loose and not seal anymore causing a vacuum leak which can make it run badly. My 84 xr250 had that problem when I bought it 10 years ago. Got a new manifold and it ran perfectly. Luckily new manifolds were still available from Honda back then. Not sure now.
  6. CRF2eR

    1972 SL100

    I had a Honda cl90 when I was your daughter's age/size. I wanted a more dirt oriented type bike and a sl100 was my fantasy bike back then, even though I never got one. She'll love riding the sl100, most likely. Good on you for keeping it going...
  7. I went through 5 or 6 non DOT legal front dunlops on my street legal crf250x and not one of them showed the odd "every other knob worn down" pattern. Then, with all my riding being the same, I installed the pirelli and it wore exactly like the OP's pirelli did. I still think its a dual compound tire. Maybe I'll send a picture to pirelli tech support and ask them what's up with this tire, to put this to rest...
  8. CRF2eR

    Single bike carrier setup.

    It wasn't a problem at 120 mph, last time it was on there...­čśŐ
  9. CRF2eR

    Single bike carrier setup.

    My setup... I use 4 tiedown straps. 2 to the handlebars (one on each side) and 2 short ones to the subframe where it attaches to the frame. I also custom-fit the stinger to slip snugly into the reciever so there's no slop to prevent any movement of the carrier while on the road. Works most excellently...
  10. The DOT legal Pirelli Scorpion front tire on my street-legal CRF250x has done the exact same thing. None of the Dunlops I've run in the past have done this. I tend to think Pirelli has used a dual compound rubber for it's DOT legal dirtbike tires. Something like alternating Hard/soft on every other knob. Tire was very balanced and up to normal pressures when this occurred.
  11. You're doing it wrong. The annual property taxes on my 108 acre forest property is only $280.
  12. CRF2eR

    Need help find water pump separator for 1986 CR125

    Brian, you're in luck. I just dug thru my box of spare '86 cr125 parts and I found what you're looking for. Suprisingly, the clutch cover is in amazingly good shape with very little corrosion in the water pump area. I'll use this cover instead of the corroded one I was going to use on the '86 cr125 I'm currently restoring. I don't need the extra separator I have so if you send me your mailing address (via private message) I'll put it in the mail for you tomorrow. Randy p.s. The link GreenMT-rider listed is for a cr250. Not the same part...
  13. CRF2eR

    Need help find water pump separator for 1986 CR125

    I have a bunch of old cr125 parts. I'll look thru them and see if I have an extra one I can give you.
  14. I've done that on my Street-legal CRF250x, wearing my full motocross gear. Super fun thing to do. I need to hurry up and rebuild my 250x motor, ASAP. But most of the time I'm riding private super-secret-single track trails from my house. I can't imagine living anywhere else. This is a typical, 7.9 mile daily trailride...(home is blue dot)
  15. CRF2eR

    Alta Lovers Rejoice!

    I'm pretty sure Honda was taking notice of an electric bike prototype project my brother and I were doing 4 years ago. We were building two electric bikes using new CRF250 chassis. Unfortunately, we both got busy with other things and our ebike project stalled... Brother Bob, being the engineer, is never satisfied with out dated technology, and now he has a better plan for the motor design, even before we've gotten a Gen2 bike finished. Now it's on to Gen3...These pictures I'm showing (from 2015) are outdated already... I know I've posted some of these pictures in the past, and I know it's sad we haven't gotten at least one of the Gen2 bikes running. The majority of the motor parts... The watercooled, 65 hp motor The out-dated battery enclosures. The two donor bikes The bolt-in motor in the chassis Keep on riding, Randy p.s. 11 years after building Gen1 electric CRF, it's still going strong...