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  1. mutt2jeff

    Look at this. Unreal

    You cant buy kits, but your can send your frame in and have them do it. These have been around for a while.
  2. mutt2jeff

    Idaho City 100? Anyone?

    Coeur d'Alene.
  3. mutt2jeff

    Idaho City 100? Anyone?

    Yup, rider number 11 here. If there is anyone in the North Idaho area looking to save money getting down there, my friend and I are hauling a big old toy hauler down and have room for a couple more.
  4. mutt2jeff

    air filter grease?

    I use DT1 filters, designed to be used without grease. Never had a problem, the air filter oil takes care of the seal. So much cleaner as well.
  5. I have had races like this, just never caught them on video. I bet you slept like a baby that night.
  6. mutt2jeff

    eric gorr 134 kit low compression out of the box

    After break in you could expect to gain around 5 psi, so it will still be way low.
  7. mutt2jeff

    Jumping Distance - 2t vs. 4t?

    All things being equal (IE mathematically the exact same, no just what you see with your eye), the lighter bike travels farther, therefore the 2t. However, all things are not equal, and the 4t has the torque to really pop itself into the air with a seat bounce.
  8. mutt2jeff

    Best sounding 4 stroke!

    The CBX 1000.
  9. mutt2jeff

    Watch this...

    It wasn't me or anybody I know, I just ran across the video.
  10. mutt2jeff

    Watch this...

    If you want to think twice about off-road riding, OUCH! IMPALEMENT!!!!! NSFW
  11. mutt2jeff

    Who has the nicest Honda?

    Mine nice and dirty, just how I like her.
  12. mutt2jeff

    Sheheen's Weird Pre Heat Monologue

    I love it when RC and Emig are announcing together, just because they constantly pick on each other, just the little snips all the time. Emig will make some sort of comment about RC's weight, like asking somebody to get Ricky another ice cream cone, and RC will bite back with something smartass like talk about the "Emig fade" or ask him about a weak spot in his riding. It constantly cracks me up, I am so disappointed then RC isnt announcing. It makes me wonder if those two get along at all off screen. Also, I have to say the whole Huckabutt introduction and background must have been some weird bet the Emig made.
  13. mutt2jeff

    this guy has a supercross license???

    Anyone can watch supercross on TV and think that it doesn't looks so bad, or even see how the professionals make it look easy in person, but if your have ever actually tried to ride a supercross track, then your know how scary that shit is. The level of perfection required is astounding. That guy is out there running the track and doing the jumps, so he gets props in my book. Hes no different than the vast majority of privateers out there, just trying to qualify for a main. Who here can claim to have even even tried to race an AMA supercross event? I bet none of the people bashing on him can. Its easy to call him slow when even the guy in 20th place in a main event is faster than you or I will ever be, your comparing him to guys that are practically superhuman.
  14. I use a chest mount too. Push the GoPRo as far back as you can, all the way against the plate, and use a wide angle camera setting. Also, having that harness good and tight can make a big difference. Good video otherwise. Heres a video I made yesterday, you can see my harness was a little loose.
  15. mutt2jeff

    Goggle Helmet Cam?

    Strong concept, but the FOV and video quality isnt quite there yet. I wont step down in video quality to another camera, so it has to be as good or better. It will get there.