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  1. LawDog101

    how am I looking?

    Greiby- You really want to continue this with me here?
  2. LawDog101

    how am I looking?

    Form is OK, but, dude, get some goggles. Proper gear is essential for proper form while riding. That is, unless you like riding by braille. LD
  3. LawDog101

    O8 stabilizer on O7?

    My stock Honda damper is in the tool box. I, too, did not want an over the bar damper, so I went with the Scotts fender mount. You really do not adjust it all that often, so having it out of the way is really cool. LD
  4. LawDog101

    Spongy Rear Brake

    There is probably no air in that line and you don't need vice grips to see if the line is bad. Just take your hand around the line and put pressure on the pedal. You will feel it expand. Ride Engineering makes a good one that goes on without much problem. LD
  5. LawDog101

    2008 crf450

    RHC builds some 65-67 HP motors. Have you actually ridden a 65HP CRF? If not, you may want to rethink this. I have ridden one of RHC's full on big valve, cam, port, piston, etc. motors and unless you are doing Supermoto or Flat Track, it is just too much. For mx, it was simply too much HP regardless of traction. For Supermoto or Flat Track, go for it. LD
  6. LawDog101

    08' Steering Dampener

    If there is a problem keeing a honda planted in turns, then something is drastically wrong with your setup. 08 Damper = in toolbox. Scotts = back on bike. Bike is wayyy more planted with the Scotts and handles the rough, where it really matters so much better. I would much rather have the bike be stable and not moving around in that 5 degrees to either side than have it dampened such that it holds it to the L or R better. Now finding a bolt to fill the holes in the frame has been a challenge.... LD
  7. Chain looks pretty worn out to me. 22 hours on a cheapo chain is a long long time. I don't get that much more time out of a good chain before I feel uncomfortable using them. The way that chain pulled through the plates tells me that it wouldn't matter much about the age. That is just metal failure. James
  8. LawDog101

    Is there NO problems on a '08

    08 CRF 450R Motor is zero problems so far. Forks suck Bike is not twitchy at all (but forks still suck) Shock works, but really needs a revalve as well. Motor is a beast Fit and Finish is typical Honda (100%) Oh, and the best part, is that it outhandles anything out there even with stock suspension...SWEET. James
  9. LawDog101

    Fastway Spacer in TT Store?

    Don't want a t-ring. Don't want to go digging in Wise County for a shim. If you read my post, I was "buying other stuff" and just wanted to tag this to the order. James
  10. LawDog101

    Fastway Spacer in TT Store?

    Is it just me or are these little things getting harder to find. My 08 did not appear to be rubbing the case, but today I got the tell tale squeak. I head over to the TT store to get one and a few other things....not there. Or is it there and just not listed...any help? James
  11. LawDog101

    Opinions on factory 08 dampner

    If you have never had a Scotts damper then you would think the 08 damper is super. Coming from a bike with a Scotts, my damper will go in the toolbox as soon as I get my low mount from Scotts. James
  12. LawDog101

    HPSD adjustment

    Adjustment is pretty much non-existent. Mine has been all the way in (max) since I got the bike. Still doesn't work as well as my Scotts. Not even close. As soon as Scotts gets their fender mount for the 08 together, my HPSD damper will be in the toolbox. James
  13. LawDog101

    '08 stabilizer vs. Scotts

    I had a Scotts on my 05 CRF and if Scotts would email me that they got the 2008 mount ready, I will have one on my 08. The 08 damper is really nothing more than tightening your steering head bearings a bit. Mine has been set for maximum damping and it doesn't even come close to the Scotts. Gotta give Honda props for doing something innovative, but I would have rather they put money into: 1. Wider footpegs, or 2. Factory optional taller seat James
  14. Some of you are doing some messed up things with your filters. If there is oil that is leaking out of the airbox....duh...you oiled it too much. Not the oils fault that you are hamfisted. I left no-toil in my crf for over a month....Texas heat....guess what....no oil in my airbox. Stuff works as good as anything else, including FFT BelRay or anything else. So far, three CRF's (03, 05, and now an 08) with NoToil with ZERO air filter related issues. I sold the 03 with 200+ hours on it with the stock crank. The 05 went 150 hour before I felt compelled to rebuild. All documented hours on the hourmeter. No piston/cylinder or valve problems related to the air filter. EVER. If you overoil, it will leak. James
  15. LawDog101

    Crf450r 03 Vs. 05

    I have owned an 03 and recently sold my 05. The handling difference between the two is simply amazing. The 05 will turn circles around the 03 and the 05 has much better suspension right out of the box. The ergos are also much better on the 05. As an owner of both bikes, the 05 kicks the crap out of the 03. James