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  1. Marnegro

    230 Fuel and mileage

    Very true. 150 miles with an oversized tank would be great.
  2. Marnegro

    DRZ250 02

    Dr DRZ, I have a quick question for you if you don't mind. I have a 2003 DRZ250 CA. I have been having some issues with what I think is the carb (bike boggs out when you twist the throttle). I have done the standard mods to the bike. I want to upgrade my carb in hope that this solves my bogging out issue as well as for a little better performance. Would you suggest I go with a non CA. carb the TM-28 or take it up to the TM-33? THanks for any help you can offer.
  3. Marnegro

    230 Fuel and mileage

    WOw! 80 to 90 that is some good milage. With that kind of milage you really don't need a larger tank.
  4. Fuel and mileage Does anyone have an approximate idea of how many miles you can get out of a stock 230 gas tank? And is there a manufacturer of a larger tank for the 230? thanks
  5. Marnegro

    Riding In Tijuana, Baja, Mexico...

    I'd be up for a ride down in Tijuana. PM me If something comes to together.
  6. Marnegro

    Corral Canyon Sat 1/22

    I might be able to make that 9:30 ride. I need to test out the new SS valves on the CRF.
  7. Marnegro

    Shaft Pictures: Is it SUPPOSED to look like this?

    Mine was that way when I took my engine apart.
  8. Marnegro


    Just spoke to the people over at http://www.carbparts.com/ and they say they have two carbs for the DRZ 250. TM-33 $295 TM-32 $249
  9. Marnegro


    Thanks for the advice. I'll look in to it.
  10. Marnegro


    Of where I can purchase a Non California carb or aftermarket carb for a 03' DRZ 250? thanks
  11. Marnegro

    Helmet Cams

    Here's one you can check out. This camera looks pretty durable. http://helmetcamera.com/index.htm
  12. Marnegro

    GPS Mount and wiring

    I own a CRF 450 which I had the stator re-wound for power. I added a Trail Tech regulator/rectifier and a 12v 1.2amp hour battery. I wired my Magellen Meridian into the battery. I recently did a 3 day 400 mile ride in baja and it worked great. The power cable for the GPS has a built in regulator to keep voltage at 3.2v. The battery charges with the regulator/rectifier. No more batteries. Befoer this set up I tried carrying spare batteries and external power supplys. So far so good with this set up.
  13. Marnegro

    A little Help with a 2003 DRZ250 in Ca.

    Roger that. Thanks for your help Orator520. I am going to give it a shot this weekend.
  14. Marnegro

    A little Help with a 2003 DRZ250 in Ca.

    Hey Orator520, Thanks for the help. Yeah the bike still has the original Ca. carb on it. What "tab" do I need to drill out to reach the fuel screw? Can you or anyone else point me in the general position of where I need to drill out? thanks.
  15. My buddies bike is having trouble with the Carb. Everytime he twist the throttle it boggs out. I've read the various post on carb isues and jetting, lean vs. rich. The only thing is it seems that most pertain to NON-Ca bikes which if I understand this correctly have a different carb. Can somebody offer a little help to some troubleshooting a DRZ250 Ca bike that is bogging out? I removed the airflow boot from the rear of the carb. I noticed that the carb was spitting out a lot of extra fuel. I'm thinking the bike might be running rich. Is there an air to fuel mixture screw on the carb? If not, how do you regulate air fuel mixture on a Ca bike carb? thanks p.s. The bike is completely stock. Was running fine before and just started doing this a few months back.