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  1. wanawakeboard

    99 kx100 vs 03 yz85?

    thanks guys, any advice on adjusting the air screw after I get it in the ball park?
  2. I think stock is a 45 or 48 on my dirt version, check online to see what your stock number is for your pilot jet. if you have a pipe, done anything to the air box, or modified anything induction related it might affect what jet to use as well...
  3. probably depends on what jets they used when it was jetted for high altitude, higher altitude means less air (gets thinner as you go up) so they put in smaller jets to give the bike less gas to go with the less air senario, but now your down where there is lots of air and same small jets making the bike run lean, and cold dense air makes the bike run even leaner! thats possibly why the choke (richens the mix) helps... try the fuel screw but if you go out more than maybe 2 3/4 turns you should consider a bigger pilot jet..
  4. wanawakeboard

    99 kx100 vs 03 yz85?

    over 100 views and no reply...? well in case it helps another rider I discovered the spark arrestor was so jammed up with carbon and nasty hard oil deposits the bike could not breathe! I tried to repack the silencer (fmf turbine core) and found the problem, spent an hour wire brushing and cleaning the tube and the bike does not even ride the same! twice the power at higher RPMs at least! I also dropped the needle to the second from the top and it smokes no where near as much, throttle seems crisp, and the bike is far more rideable, pulls the wheel up when it hits the power band (wow it has one now!) thanks to the members who read my post even if You didnt have an answer...
  5. wanawakeboard

    99 kx 100 no spark?

    re routed the wiring, cleaned the plug and she fired up..... thanks everyone
  6. wanawakeboard

    99 kx 100 no spark?

    I guess Im sol Bought the bike used and dont have the manual.. Thanks for the reply!
  7. wanawakeboard

    99 kx 100 no spark?

    Hey guys maybe you can lead me in the right direction I went riding with my girlfriend and exactly 1.3 miles from the trailer her bike sputtered to a stop, she said it ran terrible, and wouldnt rev out, then died and wouldnt start. After the walk back I pulled the plug (wet and shiny) cranked it over (no spark) substituted a different plug (no spark) tried getting a spark from the boot (no luck) unplugged the kill switch (actually removed the kill ground from the coil just in case there was a bare spot in the wire somewhere I couldnt see) That didnt help either! At this point Im thinking one of three things, stator, cdi, or coil? any tips on what it might be? What am I missing? Any tips on testing these parts so im not stuck guessing and buying randomly? any help appreciated... Rob
  8. wanawakeboard

    UFO Handguard installation '06 WR450F

    x2... what krannie said who ever installed the throttle tube didnt push it on far enough.. when dealers assemble these bikes they just throw them together..
  9. wanawakeboard

    What is the used 2005 TT-R 125 L value? Looking to buy not sell.

    I paid 1000 for an 03 ttr LE, but it still had the nipples on the side of the original tires, and looked like it never saw a mud puddle... paint in the side of the frame was still shiny...lol
  10. wanawakeboard

    99 kx100 vs 03 yz85?

    Hello guys I am in need of advise although I know I havnt even covered the bases yet with regard to my preliminary testing but maybe you can help me know where to start, my 99 kx 100 (project bike bought a few months ago) seems to bog at speed, load up BAD spooge all over. When I got it the kips system wasnt working at all and I repaired it, installed the kips shaft lined up with the dot on the case and at least now it moves. I have not done a compression check yet but the bike starts easily, and runs great until you hit wide open, at that point it just seems to hit a wall and smoke like hell, Im pretty sure its not the rev limiter, the pipe is dripping oil, but it has never fouled a plug! always starts right up! should I just start with a compression check? Or perhaps new packing on the pipe? As far as the kips goes it moves but I dont know at what point it is supposed to move, maybe its opening early? or late? I know this I have a yz85 and I am quite certain that my 100 wouldnt have a snowballs chance in hell competing in a race with the yamaha, what I dont know is if that is by design, or if something is wrong with the 100. The yz has smaller wheels than the 100 could that be why it feels so much faster? Sorry guys this is a real post I just dont know where to begin! and experience or help appreciated... P.S I have not checked the jetting yet ...
  11. wanawakeboard

    Kx100 Spooging

    ill be moving mine next
  12. The fact of the matter is sex sells, and there is a reason they ask those women to wear next to nothing, are they sluts? who knows but I think its safe to say they perhaps dont share the same value system as some who have posted on this board today. There will always be some woman who will compromise for the mighty dollar, and that wont change as long as us guys keep lusting and looking. Im sure the kids at the races have seen much worse on tv, video games, at school etc etc. Truth be known society has gone down hill, and will only get worse, so you have a choice instill strong moral and ethical values in your kids with a strong family unit or let society shape who they are, the choice is ours... make sure YOUR DAUGHTER isnt the next sign girl if it offends your sensibilities, its all we can do.. OR if your good with it keep her trim and fit!
  13. wanawakeboard

    CNC Billet exhaust tip? good or bad? (125)

    if you dont care about noise or the look of it just save your cash and remove the whole end cap...
  14. wanawakeboard

    Craigslist ad of the day

    Oh my ha ha ha... bling bling fast 400...lol
  15. wanawakeboard

    Re-Tap Oil Drain Plug

    In order to keep shavings out I turned my bike upside down, wrapped some tape around an air hose chuck, stuck the hose in my oil hole (where you add oil) a zip tie holding the air in the (Blow position) with drain plug removed drilled the hole for a re-tap, as I drilled all the shavings blew OUT of the case because of the positive pressure...