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  1. TroutFisher

    Ban on quads

    Quads cant go where you really like to ride anyhow, so no biggie. if they can fit on the trails they can have them. Most the stuff we really treasure is single track, and i have yet to see a quad on the best trails. They are typically only seen in parking lots then not seen all day. If your encountering quads all day then your not riding your dirt bike where it shines. go ride!!!
  2. TroutFisher

    Payson roll call

    ya sundays A loop was a challenge, we did the whole loop and was much more difficult then Saturdays A by far. Lots and lots of rocks. Thanks to Don and AZ Trail Riders for a great ride.
  3. TroutFisher

    KTM Dealer in CA that gives good deals

    I had a nightmare experience with them (Berts) , And have herd of others also being treated poorly. Worst bike purchasing experience ever. Their tactics were despicable, and dishonest. This was several years ago but I will never forget how poorly I was treated.
  4. TroutFisher

    SOS - Newbie out of control on 09 EXC530!

    The key to these bikes is "lugging " them. Think of a tractor. Comming off a 2 stroke you may be riding in too high of rpm for most situations, making the bike jumpy. You will be amazed at how much tractable power you have in low and mid rpm. You need to ride them different then a 2 stroke or even a crf for that mater. Try using a gear higher then you have been. To me the power delivery is perfect once you figure it out.
  5. TroutFisher

    09 530 exc oil loss, transfer?

    Here is a theory, Is it possible that there is a vacume that is part of the oil delivery system that is still present when the motor is first shut off, and takes a bit for it to loose vacume and release the oil to the bottom of case? Or is there a relation to the position of piston stroke, and where oil is. For example: if little oil comes out hot, what if you hand cranked the motor, does more oil come out?
  6. TroutFisher

    street legaling a 450 smr

    Find a friend in Arizona and plate it there.
  7. TroutFisher

    09 530 exc oil loss, transfer?

    was your bike ever "upside down" on that ride? crash? if the bike goes upside down, the way the breather tubes are set up, it can transfer through those tubes. If thats the case just re fill to proper levels and good to go..
  8. TroutFisher

    Plate yes, Green Sticker no. Ticket?

    The dual registration cut off date was early 04, so if the bike was plated pre 04 you are good to go and will have no problems. (crf's, wr's whatever) The example of that letter from the DMV is from a bike plated in 2006 after the cut off date.
  9. TroutFisher

    Plate yes, Green Sticker no. Ticket?

    Thats the whole point of the plated bike in CA. As long as it has all the lights etc. You can ride it anywhere a green sticker bike can go + everywhere they cant. Have fun
  10. TroutFisher

    Big Bear Run 2009 Ride Report

    As far as the high finishers.. And as far as I understand it.. One of the last hills they started giving guys the check even if they didnt make it up. I know there were several people who gave up on that hill but still got a plaque with the "white" ticket. While others did the hill got the check and received the same plaque. So in some way I think it wasnt fair to the ones who really "completed" all the routes, and made all the hills.. In my opinion that could be why there were so many finishers as several gave up on that hill but got plaques with the white ticket. They do desrve it, but there should be a distinction to the guys who did it "all." It was a wicked day..It beat me.. only one of six in our group made it to "all" checks.. Congrates to all who finished..whether you made the hill or not you guys are warriors..
  11. TroutFisher

    Starting a new EXC 530

    well could be a few things, First thought is the jetting.. As far as I understand it, These bikes run LEAN from the factory to pass smog.. If you put leaner jets in then it is TOO lean!! I put the JD kit in mine and runs and starts like a champ..Also the fuel mixture screw could be off, thats why the JD kit is great, is you just follow his instructions on all these settings..
  12. TroutFisher

    Have you ever had to abandon your bike?

    I always carry an extra long tiedown to tow or be towed out by riding buddies. Only reason to leave it would be it wont roll, or its down a canyon and unrecoverable without tack and block. And as far as gas, as long as one of your riding buddies has gas in his tank we all have gas. can always pull his tank and drain some into the empty one. Great stories
  13. TroutFisher

    EXC-R 450 2008 staling

    its at bottom of frame by the swingarm
  14. TroutFisher

    EXC-R 450 2008 staling

    do you have the plug bolt pulled from the catch can? It will fill up quick and not allow the card to breath how it needs to. And it will run poorly. Pull that bolt and leave it off unless you are doing a super-motard road course. GL
  15. TroutFisher

    Trans oil change frequency.. XC4 Motor

    If you have an 08 and are going by the manual it was missprinted and too much. They have a corrected manual you can download. Here is what the notice says: Dear KTM - Customer, Mistakenly, the wrong engine oil filling capacity after an oil change was printed in the owner’s manual (# 3211254). The correct filling capacity of engine oil after an oil change is: Filling capacity: 0,6 l engine oil You can find the corrected owner’s manual with the right filling capacity of engine oil on www.ktm.com