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  1. bonesheal

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    My name's Dan, I moved to NC about 3 years ago and put my DRZ in the garage. I'm getting it back up and working again, now my family's all excited. Is there a good place to take kids who haven't ridden before? NCMP looks like it may be my best bet.
  2. bonesheal

    Supermoto again....street use

    Can you remove the front sprocket without removing the chain?
  3. bonesheal

    Supermoto again....street use

    I'm going through the same things now; I bought a plated 2001 DRZ400E so I could turn it into a Supermoto. I took Darrick's advice from the supermoto forum to get street tires & see how I like it. MY wife saw how much trouble I have changing tires and took pity on me: "Just buy the wheels already!" So I might. Not surprisingly, the gearing is way off for the street. I need a suitable combo that will fit my endless chain. I have a lot of room to move back on the axle, but I don't know how much is reasonable.
  4. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    It's the same size that came with the bike--110/80/21. I rode 18 miles on it this morning without any problems, so I think I'm going to keep riding on it.
  5. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    It seems from this thread that some people consider the bead seated if it pops into the right place, and others only consider it seated if it will stick to the rim with the air out of the tire. Mine meets the first condition, but not the second.
  6. bonesheal

    Harbour Frieght Tire Changer

    I had one: it took up a lot of space in my garage, and didn't make tire changing any easier. Now I just use a 5-gallon bucket. If you do get one, don't get the motorcycle attachment. I think that's only necessary for single sided swingarm bikes.
  7. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    I took that advice. I'm tired of taking the tire off and putting it back on! The bead looks perfect when it's inflated. I'll still be nervous for a while, though, since they're street tires without rim locks. Thanks everyone.
  8. bonesheal

    How Dangerous

    Depends on you.
  9. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    I live and ride in L.A. I'm pretty sure I don't have the tube pinched or folded--I've even taken the tire off, cleaned everything off, and then put it all back on. There are no obstructions where the bead is off: it looks good when there's air in it, then when I let all the air out, part of the tire comes away from the rim easily.
  10. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    It could very possibly be because I don't really know what I'm doing. I thought I was supposed to put high pressure in with the valve stem out, so that the bead could seat. Each time I let all the air out, the bead comes away from the rim. If I put in high pressure, then let it out to operating pressure, how will I know if the bead has seated? I would love to stop there. At least I'm much faster at changing a tire now than I was a couple of days ago--In the course of changing two tires, I've put one on backward, changed it again, punctured a tube, changed it again, and finally decided I needed to clean a rim, so changed it again. I had to lever on five tires to get two changed.
  11. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    Well, I cut away the extra tape with the tire on, and it still wouldn't seat. It always looks great with air in it, but separates when I let the air out. I took the tire off, removed all of the duct tape, cleaned out the inside of the rim, and reinstalled, and the bead still won't seat with repeated attempts at 80 psi. It's still a little slick with WD-40--I was under the impression that that would help it seat. Should I let that dry before putting air in?
  12. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    I can't put a gauge on it because I've got the valve core out, but I'm putting the most air I can get into it at the gas station. I don't know how high those machines are set for, but it makes my tire look great, with the ridge going on evenly around the rim. Then when I let the air out, the bead just falls off the rim in the same spot every time. Thanks for all the replies--I'll take the tire off and retape the rim.
  13. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    I was afraid of that. I was hoping that riding on it may encourage the bead to seat. It's the front tire, if that matters.
  14. bonesheal

    Bead won't seat

    I've put some street tires (with tubes) on my DRZ400E, and I can't get part of the bead to seat in one 10" area. I think it may be because there's some ragged duct tape in the area of the place it won't seat. I think I may know the answer to this in my heart, but since it takes me so long to change a tire, I'll ask: can I ride on it like this, or do I need to take it off & solve the problem?
  15. bonesheal

    License plate/baja LED?

    From the Thumpertalk store: TT Store, Electrical Section It's featured on the page right now.