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  1. cobb_ridge

    Eureka Springs/NW Arkansas

    you can come and ride our poker run this weekend at mansfield missouri. see the hillbilly gp website for details. 20 plus miles of single track for the poker run and more to ride afterward.
  2. cobb_ridge

    poker run-mansfield missouri

    the Ozark Mountain Trail Riders Association is hosting a poker run this sunday feb 24th. from mansfield take take "u" highway 5 mile out of mansfield. there will be arrows from 60 highway. gate is $5. entry is $10.we have 30 miles of the best single track (read no atv riding)in the area and free lunch will be served. we have alot of free stuff as well. you can see the club poker run thread on the hillbilly gp website for current info.
  3. cobb_ridge


    the ozark mountain trail riders is having an enduro the last weekend in sept 9-30-07. see the blackjack enduro site for details. it will be a very good time.
  4. cobb_ridge

    Missouri Husky dealer...

    lebanon husky is a great shop. call and ask for wayne. he is the owner of the shop. great shop. 417-588-9648.
  5. cobb_ridge

    riding into ouray question

    thank you very much. that info could save a little money.
  6. cobb_ridge

    riding into ouray question

    so what is the closest that you can get?
  7. cobb_ridge

    riding into ouray question

    my family will be camping aroung the sheep corrals area by lake city. when riding over the pass to ouray are they strict on plates? they want to ride over and set in the hot springs but dont want to have to walk along way and leave the bikes unattended.
  8. cobb_ridge

    too hot 450

    two words............evans coolant.
  9. cobb_ridge

    wheel/disk alignment - slight drag

    use a small punch. tap lightly. i have to do this when i change mine.
  10. cobb_ridge

    Thinking about a KTM 300??

  11. cobb_ridge

    Corbin seat for 450TE

    are these complete seats or just seat covers? are they gripper?
  12. cobb_ridge

    Bar Position Revelation - WOW!

    you can only go so high before you have to also go forward. i tried the spacer only and it made the back end do crazy things. i dont know if it weights the front too much or what but it didnt work for me.
  13. i have access to camping up on cerro. can you ride from there? how far is it?any connecting trails?
  14. where is peach valley from cerro summit? i cant tell from the maps.