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  1. The last race I did was the Lake Waveland Mid West XC race. The time I went down on the roots I was not accelerating at all because it was a very tight section. When I "rolled" over the roots I was slightly turning and it was like I was riding on ice. My front end went out from under me before I could even react. Thats the only thing I could think of was that I was running too high pressure for the terrain. I'm gonna test different pressures to see how it does. I have a pretty decent woods with tight turns, log crossings, hill climbs, creek crossings etc I practice in but there are no rocks so I'll have to deal with that later I guess.
  2. I was told by a pro racer once that racing is 90% rider and 10% bike. If your a good rider you don't need the latest and greatest equipment. I'm not saying that a well built bike with a fresh rebuild and good suspension wont make you better but if your not a good rider and in great shape to begin with it doesn't matter if your on James Stewarts bike or Joe Shmoe's bike from down the street you won't win a race!
  3. I ride a CR250 2 stroke because for me its easier to start and I like the power delivery better for cross country racing. I use to ride a YZ426 and it was a beast to start sometimes, felt like a tank and I didn't like it in the woods. Also I can strip down a 2 stroke and rebuild it for half the cost of a 4 stroke.
  4. What's a good tire pressure for these tires. My last cross country race I had about 13 psi in them and couldn't get traction on slick to semi tacky surfaces to save my life. I went down once crossing over some tree roots at a slight angle. I thought about running lower pressures but was worried about the rocky sections. Anybody have any experience with these tires. Bike is an 04 CR250r.
  5. Lol I need James Stewarts dad to teach me how to ride standing up more often! I usually ride motocross where I do stand up more often but I'm learning that its a lot harder to stand up in the woods. Especially on a tight course.
  6. This last winter I slipped on ice and fell off a piece of equipment at work and busted my tailbone. The fall fractured my tailbone and then less than a week later I slipped on ice in my driveway after a bad ice storm and busted it again. Every since then it has been really painful to ride my dirtbike for an extended period of time. I started doing some cross country racing this year and the 1.5-2hrs on the bike is killing me and my lap times I believe. It seems like I can ride a few laps and then all I can think about is the pain in my rear end! Does anyone make a softer seat or can I do something to make mine softer? 04 CR250r.
  7. 10-4 to that! I felt like I was in survival mode the whole race! I'd love to go to redbird sometime. Never been there.
  8. That sandy creek crossing you were talking about was nasty! I made it across the first two laps got bogged down the third lap but got through but on the fourth lap there were about 4 bikes stuck. I let one guy go by and whatched which line he took. He gassed it and jumped into it and only sunk about 3 inches so I hit the same line and got through with no problem. That race took its toll on my body and my bike but I was glad I did it. I wont be able to do another one until the ironman so I plan on practicing a lot and working out a lot before that race so I'm ready for it!
  9. Redrider I was there. I didn't do too good at that race. I was 13th place in first year racer bikes. The first couple of laps I had a hard time getting up one of the slick hillclimbs which just wore me out and then I went down hard on my 3rd lap on a log crossing I didnt square up to and bent my bar risers so I had to finish the rest of the race with crooked bars! I guess 13th isn't bad for my second race of my first year. I got 4th at the badlands race in my class.
  10. I'll be at the Waveland race this weekend. I'm number 210 in the first year racer class. I ride an 04 CR250 with plain white number plates and wear all blue thor riding gear.
  11. In the middle of a race yesterday I was going through a deep rut and snagged a root that completely stopped me in my tracks. I almost went over the bars but I managed to hang on. Anyway after finishing the race I was looking over my bike and noticed my rear brake lever is bent into the side of my clutch cover. I was going to try and bend it back but being aluminum I didn't want to break it because I have another race next weekend and don't have the time or money to buy a new one if it breaks. Should I try to heat it up and bend it or just try to bend it cold?
  12. 04 CR250R! So I was racing a gncc race yesterday and on the last lap got hung up for a second in an uphill rut, some guy on a YZ450f was sitting in the middle of the trail and said he couldn't get his bike to start. I just said "should of bought a 2 stroke" and rode off and finished the race!
  13. I have been wanting to race dirtbikes since I was about 10 years old and at 31 years old now I guess it's better late than never! I raced in the Midwestxc battle at the badlands gncc event today and the badlands off road park in Attica Indiana. I didn't know what class to race in so I signed up for the first year racer class. I'm guessing we had about 60 riders total and there were 10 in my class. After 1 hour and 51 min I finished the race in 4th place! For never racing before in my life I was stoked to have finished in 4th! Next weekend I am racing the Midwestxc Waveland race! I cant wait!
  14. Whats a good tire for an 04 CR250 for GNCC racing. I live in Indiana and most of my riding is woods with soft soil mixed with rocks, roots and some mud. I currently have Michelin's and hate them. They wear out too fast the tread chunks and the front doesn't give me the traction I want. I had a Pirelli rear tire on my old YZ426 and loved it but they dont make the one I had anymore. I'm leaning toward the Pirelli XCMS but want other opinions. I want a tire that will last awhile due to my limited budget.
  15. You cant ball hone a plated cylinder. You risk chipping the plating at the ports. I just rebuilt my bike and my cylinder was similar to yours but a little less worn. I used a scotch brite pad and cleaned the cylinder in a 45 degree crosshatch pattern with soap and water and it turned out good. Make sure you clean those power valve flaps while you have it apart.
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