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  1. oldmanyz

    Photo of this weekend.

    Was that sat. or sunday at taylorville. How did you do. Good shot. By the looks of it I would say sunday
  2. oldmanyz

    Bubba Thumb?

    When he bailed I heard them say it was from the vegas fall. I didn't here anything about the heat Moto 1 tangeled in a down mess, moto2 not a good jump off the line. Where not in 125 land anymore Toto.
  3. oldmanyz

    AMA, Numbers, and Racing...?

    My bust it is your dist. card where your # counts. Only one cup of jova this morning does it everytime. LOL
  4. oldmanyz

    Ordering left center case or frame.

    Honda is alittle different. I believe it only on 400cc and larger, or at least it used to be that way.
  5. oldmanyz

    Lets See Those 4 Strokes

    Yea know what ya mean. Were heading up to redbud this weekend atv nationals looks to be another rain/mud one for sure. I don't know where your at but it's getting wet down here. Have fun.
  6. oldmanyz

    AMA, Numbers, and Racing...?

    Hit your first mx and run an x for #'s. Sign up for your AMA card at the tower and put in the # you would like to run simple, good luck at the races.
  7. oldmanyz

    Lets See Those 4 Strokes

    Jimbo ya need to get out and ride that thing. Nice looker
  8. oldmanyz

    Acid Reflux medicine alternative

    Celery is a highly alkaline vegetable which nutralizes acid build up in the stomach.
  9. oldmanyz

    Acid Reflux medicine alternative

    Agree and eat a stalk of celery before each meal..
  10. oldmanyz

    Axle nut

    Alittle antiseize? will do the trick.
  11. oldmanyz

    Do People Know The Rules????

  12. oldmanyz


    With your weight a controlled clutch release, in 2nd gear, should get you out of the hole in decent shape. I have been able to do third gear starts, depending on the starting gate, on the old rmz at your same weight so it's possible. Just work on it, it will come..
  13. oldmanyz

    MX tracks

    Looking for MX tracks around Tenn. and Kentucky, AMA sanctioned race tracks.
  14. oldmanyz

    Illinois OHV stickers...

    A 75.00 fine if caught without.
  15. oldmanyz

    weight loss

    A veggie lifestyle and the correct food combination will do the job. It is not a diet, which is a mis term anyway, it is a change of lifestyle for some.