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  1. skisnh

    New tow rig

    I had a frontier v6 I got the same mileage as a full size truck....admittedly more fun to drive.
  2. skisnh

    New tow rig

    Wife had an 05 4runner v8 we put 179k on it before trading it. Only maintenance was oil changes and brakes. When it developed the dreaded exhaust manifold leak we sent it packing rather than paying the 14 hours plus parts.
  3. skisnh

    Second chances. (Graphic warning)

    Wholly crap Michael....I take one weekend off from TS and come back to this. Maybe now you will come to NH and rest up with a drink on the party barge.
  4. skisnh

    New Trail rider, Need a bike

    I just picked up an 06 ktm 250 for 1600.00 and spent 300.00+- on wheel bearings, brake pads, heim joint, rear rotor and new air filter etc...bike is now mechanically correct and ready to rock.
  5. skisnh

    Removing chain

    Buy a chain breaking tool....15.00 you will have it for life.
  6. If my dealer would stock parts for my bike I would gladly support them. I went down just last week for consumables...rotors, brake pads, wheel bearings and heim joint. The only thing in stock was the wheel bearings. Yes my bike is 11 years old and they can't stock everything...but brakes, levers, bearings etc...keep the bikes going.
  7. skisnh

    Rim size for Honda XR650R

    Stock size rim is far more versatile....slap on your favorite tire and let it rip...
  8. I love my Tundra for towing....I miss my Frontier, that truck was actually fun to drive. I could drift it like 3 series.
  9. skisnh

    Chevy truck question

    Thanks guys, I appreciate all of the feed back. A big thank you to TMT of running the vin on my new rig..I ended up with a 2013 tundra with a 5.7 and .410 gears this certainly fixed my towing problem. All hail cheap gas.
  10. skisnh

    Chevy truck question

    Any opinions on the new chevy v6? in the silverado
  11. skisnh

    Chevy truck question

    Here is the current rig
  12. skisnh

    Chevy truck question

    Lat truck was a 2004 2500hd
  13. skisnh

    Chevy truck question

    7 x 14 plus the v nose... approx 4000-4500lbs with tools etc. The Nissan has plenty of nuts to pull it upto 60mph, then wind resistance takes its toll
  14. skisnh

    Chevy truck question

    More information....14' trailer is aluminum..
  15. Hi guys, I downsized to a Nissan frontier 3 years ago...it tows my 14’ enclosed trailer just fine around town but suffers on the highway. I am confused about by next truck..will a Colorado/Canyon tow any better? Or just accept the fact that I need to go back to a full size. Skisnh