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  1. djsather


    Actually, now that I check it, they changed what used to say "Dry weight" to now say "weight without fuel". there is no standard for dry weight so not every company includes the same things. But I see they changed it, probably because dummies like me get confused... ha!
  2. djsather

    2017 FE250 with KTMand Husky.com Mods

    What was the original TPS setting you moved up from?
  3. djsather


    Awesome, thank you! I really would like to know. Dry weight is very misleading because who rides their bike with no oil or coolant?? Haha
  4. djsather


    Does anyone here know the CURB weight (wet weight) of the FX350 (preferably 2019, but any year will be helpful)?
  5. djsather

    2019 FX350 TPS

    So I just picked up my bike yesterday and the manual says idle should be 2250-2350 rpm... But at 1600 yours isn’t having any issues? That’s good to know, at least something to think about.
  6. I have used IMS pro pegs on all of my bikes. they are very comfortable and clear mud great. but seeing the extensions you welded, I don't think you will be able to find a bolt on peg that long. you might be best with sticking to weld on for what you prefer.
  7. djsather

    2019 FX350 TPS

    gotcha! I pick up the bike on Friday, and i'll probably want to ride it all stock for about 10-15 hours to break everything in and also then i'll fully understand what all the changes are doing to the feel. i'm just trying to get a baseline understanding before the process. Also I was unsure if they fixed the little issues with the 2019 that everyone has been seeing with the 2016-2018 models. Very much appreciated. yes, I am coming from a Yamaha 250FX and I thought that liked a high idle (2000) because all of my carburated bikes like the idle around 1800. So when my friend said that he has his 2017 KTM XC-F set at 2400 I was a little shocked. But it is what it is to get the bike to run right without stalling.
  8. djsather

    2019 FX350 TPS

    So you have your idle at 1600 or do you mean 1600 higher? I ask because most people I have spoken to say that the flameouts went away at about 2400 rpms.
  9. djsather

    2019 FX350 TPS

    I do usually throw an FMF 4.1 on my bikes, do you know what the "FMF MAP" does? is it just richer fuel to compensate for the greater air flow? and I know it sound stupid, but I have an issue with sending out my ECU and getting a different one back, I want the one I sent out if i'm going to send it anywhere.
  10. djsather

    2019 FX350 TPS

    Where/who do you go to get the ECU remapped? Is it worth just getting a Vortex?
  11. djsather

    2019 FX350 TPS

    VERY GOOD INFO! much appreciated. a couple more questions..... Have you ever had any issues with the piggyback? And just so I understand, that just adds or subtracts fuel at a given throttle opening, correct? when you had your TPS checked, did you also richen it up, or leave it as it was?
  12. djsather

    2019 FX350 TPS

    I will be picking up my new FX350 soon and I have a couple questions. 1. I know in the past adjusting the TPS was a must because of flameout. is that still an issue with the 2019? 2. if it is still an issue, is there a good value range that people are using to set the TPS on 2019s? 3. Are the values for the FX350 going to be the same as a KTM 350XC-F? or are they different? thanks!
  13. djsather

    2019 FX 350 Give me the info

    My apologies, I just found a thread with a ton of this info. Didn’t see it on first search.
  14. So I’m getting a 2019 FX 350, and I’m curious to hear what I should expect to do to it out of the gate. I know 19 is a redesign so I’m not sure how much of the info posted here on other years is relevant to the 19. I’ll be getting a fan, skid plate, flexx bars, and TUbliss. Thinking about Vortex ECU (if they make one for the FX), maybe FMF 4.1 as well... And then I’ll see how the stock suspension feels before doing anything there. Also will look into Boyesen super cooler