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  1. Highflier

    Just bought 350sxf 2016 some questions/concerns

    I would think, yes you could get 100hrs from your new topped. However, thats a long time between to-ends for a bike that revs pretty high to make most of it's power. On my '17, the cold start knob (yellow) is pushed in to cold start, pulled out is it's normal position.
  2. Highflier

    Hare scramble bike - 250 vs. 250F.

    So far no prob with the a/c at all. I am running the 6 tc ball set up. I am running the med. idle / hard engagement.
  3. Highflier

    Hare scramble bike - 250 vs. 250F.

    Congrats. Good question was asked, good answers discussed. And then you jump in with a post spouting crap. You are the one lacking basic skills, azz wipe. As to a constructive post..... Adamoto - I just left a '08 KTM 450XCF and dropped down to a new YZ250F due to a clutch hand I broke badly a couple of years ago, making 450s not much fun to get along with anymore. On my 250f I have a 290 kit, stage 2 cams, FMF, rekluse, etc. I have been very pleased with the power gain and it still has the flyweight feel and handling. The front lifts so easy now, yet it still tracks across any surface easily. I would have never bought an auto clutch, especially for a 250f, but so I can still race 2 hour races I had to go that route. The 290 has no problem with the clutch at all. BTW, 185, A
  4. Have you tried listing on KTM Talk? I agree with the above, when a used price gets much over 5.5K, our used buyers head for new bikes. BTW, used sales suck around here also.
  5. Highflier

    Whistling Noise 07 250sxf

    make sure the air box boot is tight on the carb.
  6. Highflier

    XC 450 Advice

    I have a decent background in moto (25+ yrs) and started racing HS the last 5 years or so A/B level. Mostly I have ridden converted MX'rs. YZ250f, CRF450's, etc. I got the 450XC for the same reasons you mention and it is by FAR the best out of the box bike for what I was wanting. EXCEPT for one major flaw IMHO, it runs really hot. I have been running the rekluse a/c and that does add some heat but, this is a bike that is picky about slowing down in the tighter sections. The first hour or so, no prob. But after awhile it adds up and she will percolate. We haven't hit the hot season yet either. On another note, how did that kxf290 run for HS? I am thinking of going 250 big bore next bike.
  7. Highflier

    XC-or EXC 2008 450

    I have a CRF450 and an '08 450XCF I ride offroad, race HS and some fun moto track time. The XC is a slightly de-tuned mx'r. It isn't as hard hitting as the CRF but be aware that the bike was and is intended as a focused GP, GNCC or HS race platform. I love mine but, this is what I bought it for. It can run a bit on the warm side and clutching in tight areas will make it percolated a bit. It is geared 14-52 so you can only add one tooth to the rear, a 53 that will then cause a clearence issue with the chain guide. Otherwise you have to go to a 13 front and the appropriate rear per your aim. IMHO, this is a bike that should be recognized for what it is intended and to be aware that you may not be able to turn it into anything but. BTW, I raced an '05 525EXC for a year, great bike. But this new frame/short stroke motor package is nothing like my old 525. This bike has a totally different balance to it. Obviously it is lighter, but I think most of it is in the continuing evolution of their frames.
  8. Highflier

    SX Rider Autographs - Houston

    Cool. Thanks for the info.
  9. OK, taking some kids to the H Town SX this weekend and they are wanting to hit some riders autograph lines. Never bothered with it in the past. So, anyone know the best times, tips, etc. to make it more painless for me??? I read somewhere a while back that Stewart gives out limited tickets for his autograph line, do all the big name riders do this?? When do you get those? Thanks for any tips. Already have the pit passes, so I'm good there
  10. Highflier

    '08 450XC-F Idle Problem

    Well, problem solved. I'm not sure but I'm guessing the issue was something in the pilot jet although it looked clear. However, I dumped the dealer supplied fuel from the bike into an empty fuel can and there were about 10 small pieces of black plastic in there. Apparently the stock tank was polluted with debris from the manufacturing process. So I just did a complete carb clean. I hear you on checking the easy stuff because pulling that carb is a bit of a pain and I really wasn't wanting to have to go there until I got some time on it and could determine any jetting changes.
  11. I have run it twice to do heat cycles and it will not idle at any reasonable lower RPM. Choke needed to start cold, idles fine on choke but once warm it will not set at any reasonable RPM and idle. On decel it typically just dies. Re-start when warm and it is "confused" as to what it wants re: any throttle to light up, or I should say how much it needs because there is no chance of it starting "at idle". My assumption would be clogged pilot first. Super lean condition second. Again, brand new bike that has only seen the concrete of my office/warehouse parking area and has 10-15 min run time total. My previous KTM Big bore 4stk's were a bit lean, but this is crazy if it's just super lean jetting. Any thoughts? BTW, man is it a tight fit to get to the carb. Just as hard to reach as my CRF.
  12. Highflier

    2008 stabilizer note.

    Scott's told me today that they would have the post available for my '08 450XC next week. I hope they are right.
  13. Highflier

    Any X-ring front sprocket flippers out there?

    Renthal has a new "redesigned" narrower profile o-ring chain as well. I don't like the CS flip because the washer dealio doesnt contact the CS the same way. My logic is that the Honda engineers wanted that washer to sit flat on the CS. Buy a $1 Fastway washer/spacer and its all good.
  14. Highflier

    Quick Fills

    I need a quick fill solution and don't want to go with the dry break system. I am fine to keep the stock tank and gas cap, I am mainly looking for a quick fill can/dispenser system. I have seen the Acrebis but, at $400 I am hoping there may be a better route. I also saw there is a Clarke fast gas system. Any others? Any first hand experience with these deals? Thanks.