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  1. souphmars

    Motorcycle USA 450 Shootout

    First in TWMX too
  2. souphmars

    Air filter

    I didnt like the KLOTZ filter oil. Its not real sticky. Its also more like oil. If you let it sit for a little while, it will drip off the filter.
  3. souphmars

    Air filter

    I like the stock filter, bit it seems to break down too fast. I like the twin air filters.
  4. souphmars

    Lost my rear brake

    When is the last time you changed your fluid? Or you might have air in the line. You could try bleeding them. I would recommend changing the fluid and reverse bleeding.
  5. souphmars

    what should I do?

    I would get the 12. I rode an 11, and a 12, and 12 was a big difference to me. That is why I decided to a 12. Like RV2 said, they had problems with the 11 they said they couldnt fix. He said when he was just riding from the truck to the track, he could tell a big difference in the bike, and that they were going to finish the nationals on it. I havent had a chance to ride mine yet, I plan on it this Saturday. I rode another friends and I loved the motor, and the size of the bike, and Im coming off a 08 RMZ450.Go to a dealer and sit on one, just be careful, you might leave with it.
  6. souphmars

    From a rider/racers perspective..

    I have not rode anything other than the 08, but if what ac717 says is true. The motor stuff can be changed easily. The stability of the frame cant, unless you get a newer frame. I know that much hasn't changed from 08-12. If it was me, I would just stick with the 08. I love mine, its a great bike.
  7. souphmars

    what's the best mod/improvement you did to your RMZ

    Suspension made the best difference for me. Then, the PIM2 with a map for my bike's setup.
  8. souphmars

    Yes...I am looking for a used 2012 KX450F for sale

    I just got one last weekend and it had to come from another dealer. I am still waiting on the manual and EFI plugs.
  9. souphmars

    Back fire screen removal on a 2011 kx450f worth the $$

    I had an 08 RMZ450, and I put the Loudmouth MX Intake on it. It made the it run better, but I can't honestly say it gave it anymore HP. When I installed a Power Commander and mapped it, I could tell a big difference. I liked the Loudmouth because it made it easier to take the air filter out and reinstall it. They were easier to clean too.
  10. souphmars

    How to sell a 450?

    I just got it last weekend. I have not had a chance to ride it yet. I wanted to ride it on Friday, but it don't look like its going to happen due to the rain that is coming in on Thursday. I rode another guy's and I really liked the motor. I could not tell about anything else. He had the suspension real stiff, and different handlebars. I want to ride mine completely stock, and then go from there. I am going to send the suspension to Factory COnnection, after I put a couple of rides on it.
  11. souphmars

    How to sell a 450?

    I jost got a 2012 KX450. I think I am going to keep the RMZ for now.
  12. souphmars

    A few pics of my 2012

    I saw the video on the ride engineering 20mm triples, steering stabilizer, and lowering link. I am considering trying those. I would like to know what people thought of them before I bought them.
  13. souphmars

    Finally got a 2012

    u wish murphy. Lay off the crack. Ill be passing you while your pushing yours!
  14. souphmars

    Finally got a 2012

    this is a kx450 forum.
  15. souphmars

    Is there a service manual for the 2012 kx450f yet

    I'm in the same boat. I think I am going to have to purchase it fromt he dealer.