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  1. Washington

    Don't forget Steve McLaughlin for Land Commish!!
    Returning to my smoker roots ... torque, weight, ease of maintenance, weight, versatility, did I say weight?!
  2. Washington

    Tod is right on ... WOHVA and the NMA now both endorse Steve McLaughlin ... and YOU NEED TO AS WELL. Please get the word out to your friends and acquaintances ... as well as your riding buddies ... this is a BIG DEAL. Thanks!
  3. Great pix Chris ... um, but if I can, getting back to the title, we rode from Devil's Backbone down to Chelan on what we believed was the 25 mile creek trail this past weekend, but looking at topo maps now wonder if it began as the Lone Peak trail. Anyway, it was WAY brushy, at times almost forcing you off the bike. Only one small log so no big deal there but the brush was bothersome to the point we weren't having fun, even though it's a really fun trail bed. Would like to see a work party of us folks attack that, or the USFS work crews? Also, want to understand if there are three trails heading down from the backbone as my topo shows, or only two as the USFS moto map shows? Is there a Lone Peak trail that cuts off of Devil's Backbone just south of where the Lake Creek trail junction is? With then 25 Mile Creek being a couple miles down along the BackBone and then further still to get to Pot Peak? Topo maps sometimes show very old trail beds so we trusted the USFS map instead of my GPS ... any thoughts? I've attached a screen shot from my topo map showing what I see as three X junctions on Devil's Backbone for 1264, 25 Mile Creek and Pot Peak ... are there 3 or 2 trails down?
  4. Ha, looks like I'll be replying to my own post! Just spoke with the very helpful Ential Ranger Station folks and it turns out that both trails are maintained and have been cut out this year. So, barring weekly blowdown, I'm riding 'em! Thanks to Jon Meier who heads up their recreation support for us motorized folks after Randy McLandress retired and Cody and Forney who are their "on the ground" educational riders! It's a great trail system ... go enjoy it! They did say that 1445 Four Mile Ridge I believe has NOT been maintained ... but I think I saw Steve's video going up and down it though that may not have been from this year! And their Maps are always helpful. Either the motorcycle-specific at the bottom of the page of the GEO located PDFs with phone apps ... enjoy!
  5. I'm looking to ride between the Entiat river valley and Lake Chelan this weekend and want to know if anyone has ridden either Pot Peak or 25 Mile Camp trails down to Chelan this season? Are they open/cut out? much obliged!
  6. PM me with your email address if you'd like a map from a past NTA Mt. St. Helens 100 trail ride ... it's a good simplified map of GP.
  7. Washington

    BTW, Dust Dodgers will be hosting a trail ride showing off their stomping grounds leaving site at 10 AM Saturday ... thank you to the Dust Dodgers!! I'll be on that ride as I've never ridden in this part of the state.
  8. Great work Russ ... I'll try to be there as well!
  9. This is a valuable article and helps lay out the options available for readers needing cooler engines. As it stands though it's only a "buyers guide" and doesn't take the next step towards objective evaluation and data as mentioned in an earlier comment. I realize that takes time and resources ... but it's what got dirt bike started and really adds value for readers with this need. I still remember super hunky's article evaluating engine oils ... with the picture of an oil can and a straw coming out of it! Keep up the good work and please consider a followup article that adds objective evaluation!
  10. Washington

    I remember those rides too, Chuck! Screw the newbies ... never rode with Schrode but new him from Velo work with a friend, that was the Redmond ride as I recall ... and I assume we ALL still ride GP after the eruption ... Taneum and climbing Granite Creek was my quickest way to single track from Seattle ... and yep, Whistlin' Jacks for lunch, or later depending on snow, and back. Those are all great memories and what got me interested in advocacy. Riding close to housing has been our major close-in issue as the land just became too valuable. I like the Naches for the original post'er here as his closest single track ... likely on Russ's system
  11. Washington

    Yes, THANK YOU ... and don't forget to stay active and encourage your riding buddies to do the same ... this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon ...
  12. Washington

    I love the positive responses here and hope I can act that same way. If the SXS's are in the wrong area starting with the assumption that they just don't know is great, and honorable. Confronting them risks armed problems and isn't a good idea. And going to the DNR to correct signage and filters/construction blockages is perfect. Thanks for great modeling ... and yes, WOHVA represents these recreationalists as well, and I can understand when someone is "just looking for a place to ride" ... but found the wrong place.
  13. Washington

    I love this post ... it seems like one of those classic "either/or" choices that we all have history with. I've got 15 years or more on 3 XR250R's and loved them ... and now 10 years on an '04 450EXC ... and the only additional comment I'd make that hasn't been emphasized, is what the post'er has already said ... if he wants an XR400, will he be able to FIND ONE on CL or wherever 'cause he sure WILL be able to find the much more prevalent KTM alternatives if he can't. If he prefers the XR400, it's a moot point if he can't find one and still wants to ride this year ...