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  1. Nathanael

    You want this...don't you

  2. Nathanael

    Allowed to sell in here?

    It's just below heaven
  3. Nathanael

    Allowed to sell in here?

    Begs the question - does anyone in Washington look at Thumpertalk Classifieds?
  4. Nathanael

    Washington Allowed to sell in here?

    Need to sell my bike...can I post that in here?
  5. Nathanael

    31st Annual Idaho City 100 ISDE qualifier

  6. I've been here for 5 years, but I now have a bike here, and it'll be ready to ride by next Saturday when I'm planning on going out with some of you fine folk. Question though: What do I do to be legal? OHV tabs? Where do I get them? Does it take long? It's not a dual sport/plated bike - just a plain old offroad bike (2008 KTM 250XCF), and I don't plan on plating it nor doing anything other than trail rides, the occasion race (if they ever have one on a Saturday), and maybe spin a few laps on a motocross track now and again. So what do I do to be legal?
  7. Nathanael

    2013/14 Westcoast MC and ATV Winter Race Series

    Thank you for putting on the Saturday series. I don't think I'll be able to join in the fun until March at the earliest, but knowing their is a Saturday series is awesome. Not a fan of Sunday riding and racing, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  8. Nathanael

    Idaho City ISDE

    A long time ago I started to make a video about the ISDE qualifier event in Idaho City. Progress was slow, and then I lost everything in a hard drive crash. This one small clip remained and I just found it on the salvaged drive, but it's all I have. I had done several revisions after this was put together, so know this is a very rough draft and I was unhappy with it. And it's only about a 3rd of the total video. But I'm not going to work on it again, so this is all that will remain. Hope you like it:
  9. Nathanael

    Idaho City ISDE (Ping: Greater Seattle area)

    Hey thank you so much for asking. I really appreciate it! Still got a week or so, hopefully I'll find something!
  10. Nathanael

    Idaho City ISDE (Ping: Greater Seattle area)

    That would be awesome. Thanks!
  11. Nathanael

    Idaho City ISDE (Ping: Greater Seattle area)

    Crap that would be awesome. Sadly he won't be able to get it up there a week early! Thanks for responding though, if for some reason he can figure out a way to do it I'll send you a message before that time comes.
  12. Anyone near Seattle racing or going to be at the Idaho City ISDE this year? Will you have an extra spot for a bike? Can I give you some gas money to bring a bike from Idaho City back to Federal Way???? After long last, living up here for a while and not being able to afford having my bike here, I can finally do so. But my bike is in Utah where I left it. My brother will going to Idaho City to race the ISDE qualifier, and can take my bike there. Hoping to find some kind soul who would be willing to get it from him and bring it back here. Don't even have to bring to my house really - if you just take it back to your house and you're in the greater Seattle area I'll come pick it up, and give you some gas money for your trouble. I would really appreciate it! Hoping someone will have a kind heart and help me out! Dying to ride the great Pacific Northwest!
  13. Nathanael

    Will JS7 go back to back?

    Hey are you actually Jimmy Roberts? Or just a big fan of his?
  14. Nathanael

    Questions I need answered.

    After watching that second turn pile up again and again and again I think JB was in the process of going down hard over the bars before the CR/JG/JS yard sale happened. It's hard to tell, but from the behind the racers angle you can see where JB is and his rear wheel is already up and on its way over before CR and JG hit JS. From the corner angle they cut JB off because they're focusing on the CR/JG/JS crash but just before JB disappears from the screen you can see him and RD going for the same spot on the track and RD gets there first. So I would guess that JB crashed as a result of that and not the CR/JG/JS yard sale.
  15. Been a one car family for many years now...13 to be exact. Finally getting to a point where we'll be able to afford a second car. I'm looking at SUV's because it seems to be the best vehicle to fit a bunch of needs we have. This new car will primarily be my wife's. I'm asking here though (among other places) because of some wants I would like that the moto crowd might be more attuned to. Highest priority is it needs to seat at least 6, as that is how big our family is. Second priority would be decent gas mileage (this priority has already ruled out the Suburban). This is going to be my wife's car primarily, so she will be using it to run errands, which with 4 kids there can be a lot of those. After those two are met I'd like something that can pull an enclosed trailer (for hauling bikes) without gasping for breath (nor losing it's decent mileage, or at least not all of it). Something that I can put a cargo rack on the roof for extra storage for long road trips. And something that won't be worthless driving off-road (nothing serious - just getting to staging areas, or going "car camping" up forest roads and the like. I've been looking mostly at the Ford Explorer with the EcoBoost engine, but I've heard those aren't the best at towing. What says Thumpertalk?