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  1. ncc

    Warning To The Pro Regulars

    Everywhere people all trying to tell me what to do,, "Have a nice day" "Have a Merry Christmas" "Take care" "Have a happy holiday" "Do Not enter" "Watch your step""Do not cross tracks when arms are down" etc etc etc, Why can't people just mind their own business??? Bahhummbugg....
  2. ncc

    Some kid I met in Florida...

    I believe it was 1990 that RC finally won a championship in the 7-11 65cc class at the mini O?, I tried to find the results?? It was also the same year that he finally won at Lorrettas. http://llvault.racerxonline.com/1990/65-7-11-stock He was born at the end on 79 and started racing at 5 in 1985, Most of RCs champioships came in the 90s.
  3. ncc

    Some kid I met in Florida...

    If that is RC is is not from the 80s it would have been the 90s.
  4. It is possible, a friend of mine who also is a dealer and friend of people at Rocky entered late and he and another "won" and went last year. It is not a "drawing" it is subjective and based on your "story" as well as the bike you ride.
  5. It is very questionable at best, last year they had dealers of theirs "win" the contest. If you want to go just find a dealer or friend to rocky mountain atv to get you in.
  6. Haha nice video, I feel I have lived that video, I have a KLX 650r that has been places it "should not have been" even on the red trails of Moab, while on the trails people have commented , "How did you get that thing here?"
  7. He is just mad because you rode the whoops on your pitbike better than he can on a big bike.
  8. ncc

    Evolution of Whoops technique

    If there were many others that witnessed this feat, they would have shared it with the world, it would have been a show all it's self, in that time frame Evel Knievel would make 50ft jumps and it would be on wide world of sports!! I would find it hard to fathom a person able to do this in font of others , not wanting to capitalize on it?
  9. ncc

    Evolution of Whoops technique

    I would think even in that day, IF a person had done that backflip feat!! There would have not only been a report about it, a polaroid picture and of course a repeat performance soon to follow.
  10. ncc

    Racing was kind of Boring this Summer..idk

    I thought most of it was good, only complaints I have are the coverage and the channels and order they would broadcast it. All the top riders do an amazing job and what they do, it is just that some people have talent and skills either born or made them selves that sets them apart from the rest.
  11. ncc

    Why Doesn't Suzuki Sell Any RMZ's?

    I guess more absurd if you consider they have not had an RM65 for years.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvT4iN9WGxM
  13. ncc

    Official Reed on KTM for 2014.

    Really? I meant to say, there are companies that do suspension work, and if you (any Joe Shmoe) send your forks to them you can have them, for an extra fee, anodize your fork tubes about any color you want, even gold or different shades of gold, while they are at it and Feel suspension is one place that can do this for you.The point is , because the forks color is the same as say Ohlins does not mean it is Ohlins.
  14. This is a picture of it in the vendor area at the Utah national.
  15. ncc

    End of a career and factory?

    Looks like suzuki, the company named in this thread as not selling motorcycles sells more than any other brand (many are small displacement).