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  1. mxboy2661

    Picked up a new bike yesterday! 16 250xc

    tex me 8482102782
  2. mxboy2661

    Picked up a new bike yesterday! 16 250xc

    $9800 as it sits, 8482102782
  3. mxboy2661

    Picked up a new bike yesterday! 16 250xc

    here it is, I dont really wanna part it out, but probably should, I have over 10 k in the bike plus the cost of the bike, u name it, its got it, 300sx, sxs brake calipers, all ti bolts, 3 diffrent exhaust, bills, scalvini, fmf, way to much to list,
  4. mxboy2661

    Picked up a new bike yesterday! 16 250xc

    Hey if your interested ill trade u my new conevalve forks and ohlins shock for your stock stuff plus cash? Tex me 8482102782, im having neck surgery and im selling the bike I built, but never really got to ride
  5. bud this is your answer, everything you can amagine is done! Send me tex 8482102782
  6. mxboy2661

    KTM 300 WP CC vs WP 4CS?

    @krawse, shoot me a tex bud 8482102782
  7. mxboy2661

    Pro 250SX Race Bikes

    send me a tex 8482102782
  8. tex me 848 2102782, if u have any interest in the ktm 300sx

  9. mxboy2661

    Pro 250SX Race Bikes

    Tex me , ill answer all of your questions 8482102782, I would consider trading the conevalves for 4cs or even cc, plus cash.
  10. mxboy2661

    Pro 250SX Race Bikes

    I built one but am selling now do to an upcoming surgery bike is a 300sx , motor done by jbonemotorworks from ktm talk, lectron carb, lost 5lbs with ti bolt kit, A kit suspension, factorty sxs brake calipers, man you name it, its got it lol, oh and 3 pipe combos plus a carbon fiber pro circuit silencer, seriously its "factorty" someone is gonna be really happy for xmas this year!
  11. mxboy2661

    2014 Ktm 250sx disappointment

    yea me too, we call guys like this "straight away kids"
  12. mxboy2661

    Best place to get Cone valve forks revalved

    Langhammx is selling a set of conevalves for $2300 , their the 15 model and have the powerband racing mod, thats an insane price! Langhammx@sbcglobal.net couldnt find his # but thats his email
  13. mxboy2661

    Dream bikes

    with the suspension, titanium bolts, sxs linkage, sxs brake calipers, raptor pegs, motorwork, carb, wheels,4 diffrent exhaust, all the bling $10k plus cost of bike.
  14. mxboy2661

    Dream bikes

    Built my dream bike, all ti, a kit forks 300sx, 38mm carb jbone motor, I have just about every exhaust made for it lol