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  1. maybe, I'd try replacing the battery first though, just to eliminate one potential issue.
  2. my 400 definitely runs quieter on 20w50. CT has a bent type feeler guage made for valves, they're supposed to be a bit easier to fit in. these ones I'd suggest replacing the battery before you get too carried away with the blinker thing, there are probably some better options than the lead-acid type that it came with stock.
  3. you might want to check out this thread: http://planetminis.com/forums/2-stroke-pitbikes/190669-suzuki-jr-50-rebuild-help-please.html
  4. shouldn't affect the oil injection at all if it's using the stock cable
  5. sorry, this is on a '95 pw80
  6. anyone installed one of these? I bought it back in the fall, but the stock throttle cable didn't seem to work with it. Talked to pwonly on the phone and they said it should be fine and they have no special cable for this application. It looks to me like I'd have to remove the curved metal sleeve from the end of the cable, but I would assume that the cable has crimped on ends that would prevent the cable being removed from the sleeve?
  7. gladly

    PW 80

    Take some balls out of the clutch if you want it snappier. I've got two pw80's and they were both a bit sluggish off the line. A couple of weeks ago I removed 4 balls from the boy's clutch per smacaroni's instructions here and it made a night and day difference to the bike's performance. Enough of a difference that I didn't do the same to the girl's, 'cause sometimes riding in the bog zone keeps her happy and safe. it's a stupidly easy modification, takes maybe 15min and could be put back to stock in the same amount of time.
  8. I've seen some references to using a fender washer as a restrictor plate in a pw80, anyone have any details on inside/outside diameters? We've picked up a used pw80 for our 8yo and it seems to have a goodly amount of pep, which I would like to knock down a notch on the first few rides until he gets used to the larger size of the bike. (he's coming off of a pw50, which he's outgrown and become a mite overconfidant with)
  9. different version of the same thing shown here: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Parts_Unlimited_Offroad_2010/default.asp?p=323&s=2
  10. mine? it's on the back of the front brake perch... replaces #5 here it doesn't seem to have made it into any of my pictures, if you want I'll snap a picture of it tomorrow
  11. damn, I just realized that it's actually DOT4 fluid, not 5. so I guess the fluid is probably not the cause. anyway, is there an OEM switch that will work? my local honda dealer isn't exactly a fountain of information, and they don't keep much of anything in stock, so I'm trying to avoid randomly guessing and ending up with a bunch of non-compatible parts
  12. the aftermarket brake light switches (chinese) seem to keep failing on my xr400... I've run through two fronts and two rears this year I wondered if the DOT5 brake fluid was the problem, is there a honda switch that is meant to work with DOT5? maybe off an xr650 or XR250 or something?
  13. I used one of these to move the decompression to the right side
  14. I'm running LED/electronic everything, and with the 55W headlight it's still dimming/slowing them. I happened across my stock regulator in a box o' crap the other day, so I might try running: OEM reg->headlight power->reg/rec, and then doing something with a relay to run the AC to the light...or maybe I'll need two relays, one for high and one for low beam? The ground thing was what really had me confused, though I think that I'll have to tear it apart and go through this thread a few more times to figure out WTH I'm doing.
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