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  1. Ga426owner

    J-Law coming back to moto

    I have pounded on Jlaw for years.... It is nice to see that he possibly has grown up and how humbled he was to do the jersey and the pic...hopefully he realizes what he had and what is gone... I for one would like to see him return to 450 moto this year asap as maybe it's just me, but it is just pitiful boring to watch.....I can go so far to say painfully boring. Maybe this is why Speed dropped coverage .. Looks like a transition time for more talent to come up from the 250 class...and interesting to see if any recent injured Veterans do come back
  2. Ga426owner

    2013 yz450f?

    There will be no real changes to the 2013......no real R&D budget, world economy hurting and Tsunami repair being the major emphasys in Japan, don't expect anything spectacular.... Grey you know I am rarely here these days, but I can not help but to re iterate what the Honda fools will say....you know the design causes wrecks and keeps yamaha from any championships....HA HA....hmm honda and crashes and championships.... I guess all the new designs except green and yellow stink. Take care Bud!
  3. Ga426owner

    Stewart sucks because his bike is crap

    OMG.....why is there another stupid senseless JS7 and Yamahas sux thread. Come on DJ.....what the hey? You would say the same thing if I posted..."Hondas sux because every top rider crashes on them and none of them podium" or how about this one " Team honda, Team Ward, Team MC all sux because they are on Red bikes and they all sux, their riders all crash and none of them have podiumed" Right. the better question that should be asked is why do all these riders crash? Oh I know because they are not on Husky's and TM's.
  4. No he will not be the SX Champion. However he is probably closer to 4wheel racing after this season. Can't wait to see Daytona this weekend !
  5. Ga426owner

    Jason Lawrence Sighting.

    Fantastic news for JLaw,,,,,now he can pound trees when he gets pissed.
  6. Ga426owner

    Chad Reed and James Stewart Twitter Battle...

    They can not battle anywhere else at the moment....does not surprise me at all
  7. Ga426owner

    JS7.. just stay home

    Sad after such a statement in the heat race like last weekend in Atl, but it makes no difference now....I am sure we will hear the bike had issues, blah blah blah
  8. Ga426owner

    Malcom Grow UP

    Best thing about this crash was watching Erin run, I mean bounce to interview Malcom at the crash site!
  9. Ga426owner

    Husqvarna for "Outdoors"

    Yea I would luv to see a Husky in the outdoors...legwarmer or not.
  10. Ga426owner

    JGR/ Joe Gibbs Racing

    I was at Atlanta SX all day and night yesterday. JS had a great heat race but in the main JS got a bad start, RD got a great start. JS had the fastest time in the main trying to catch up to RV in 2nd. A yellow flag caused JS to roll the last double before the finish line and he lost a too much time with several laps left.. Had this crash/flag not happened JS could have probably caught up to RV and we all would have seen a good race. Dungy was too far ahead. The track was technical, and tight as all Atlanta SX in the Ga Dome are. Too bad this year unlike last year for several reasons that the Atlanta SX 450 main was pretty boring with the exception of JS moving up to 3rd from 10th. The Heat Races were better. JS and DM were giving that track hell in the heat races. And watching DM get 30 ft of air off the Wall jump before the sand was pretty friggin awesome. He and JS are getting better. RD won because he got the start. RV almost caught him but bobbled.
  11. Ga426owner

    america honda troubles..

    Obviously it is the RED bikes ... they are designed to crash and hurt riders .....LOL
  12. Ga426owner

    Stewart caught in cable at rd6

    News Flash: Yamaha pays him to crash.......
  13. Ga426owner

    Stewart caught in cable at rd6

    you yami haters are a trip... anytime a blue bike crashes...it must be the bike. Come on get real. JS is a crasher plain and simple. Look at every crash this season already. He rides on the limit always but he can not stay consistant at this speed unlike RV and Chad. This time and the last time he got too close to the tuff blocks. He would crash on yellow red or green and orange. I hate for him but will say it again....he has lost focus and when you think he has regained it.....down he goes.
  14. Ga426owner

    Why does CA have so many SX races?

    Sorry to see Jville lose it - weather was usually good there but Daytona is right down the road Same with Charlotte - Atlanta is right down the road(and Atl sells out every yr) I do however think that Cali could lose one race and not be affected too bad and give it to another state...
  15. Ga426owner

    Any stick and ball sports have no-alcohol areas?

    You have to be kidding right? There are family areas/non alcoholic areas at most every SX race I have ever seen. And just because a few get wasted and obnoxious does not mean everyone does...so lighten up and get real. Live events are the perfect place to enjoy a favorite drink without getting totally drunk. If you don't like it, stay home in your bubble and watch it on the tv.