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  1. I had a similar issue with my dr350. It turned out to be a chafed wire in the harness that intermittently was shorting to the handle bars. If it is in fact a blown fuse keep in mind the fuse is not the cause of the issue only the effect.
  2. Is there still a way to pick the fq? Didn't see that option.
  3. matt 2778

    Tire change

    Another tip I didn't see is to get the tire nice and warm. In the summer leave it on the hot driveway for a bit, in the winter I leave it a foot or two from the woodstove. It's a skill worth learning I've had to change a rear twenty miles from the truck in the pa woods, what might have been a crisis was instead a twenty minute inconvience.
  4. matt 2778

    brownvv dr350 rebuild

    Is that an aftermarket swing arm or a modded stock version?
  5. matt 2778

    Oil Change DRZ400s

    Be vary careful with the case drain, I would recommend replacing the crush washer with every oil change. Overtightening and failure to replace the washer can lead to cracked cases.
  6. matt 2778

    DR650 oil leak

    Clean everything up with brake cleaner, then run again. Doesn't the 650 have an oil cooler? That maybe a vulnerable location for the leak in the event of a tip over.
  7. I run these on my drz and love them. http://www.dbzproducts.com/expanded/expandcrf250L-1.htm I also have an eBay rack but I rarely use it. It's pretty cool to go grocery shopping on a dual sport providing you don't put the ice cream in the exhaust side bag.
  8. matt 2778

    DR350 Primary drive nut stripped

    Interesting thought but don't the locking washers on dr clutch shaft as well as the one found on the drz drive sprocket nut fit on a splined shaft? I would think that such a thin washer fitting in just a key way might not be as effective. It would be nice to not have to tear into a brand new motorcycle and lock tight the primary nut though, case in point drz400.
  9. matt 2778

    Valve clearance and dr350 airbox mod

    I've used both the angled and the flat type. Your looking for drag but not binding. I find that I need to leave the adjuster slightly loose as it seems to tighten when you lock it down. You just have to play with it a bit, keep in mind I'm no expert but I do have a soft spot for orphaned basket case motorcycles. Good luck the old dr's are awesome bikes and deserve to live on.
  10. matt 2778

    Valve clearance and dr350 airbox mod

    The valve clearances won't change because of carb settings or airbox mods. When checking your valves make sure your feeler gauges are clean and your engine is stone cold. Making valve adjustments on a Cora (cam over rocker arm) type head are a piece of cake and shouldn't be an issue with a basic service manual such as a clymer. For your oil leak I'd suggest a can of brake cleaner and some shop towel. Get everything good an clean and let the leak reappear.
  11. matt 2778

    Making my dr 440 into a SuperMoto

    Here's the first site to check out. http://www.procycle.us/bikepages/dr350.html Here's the second. http://www.kientech.com/DR350ProdList.htm
  12. matt 2778

    5 day plus in back country

    As for stoves I'd recommend this one http://www.amazon.com/MSR-Whisperlite-International-Liquid-Fuel-Stove/dp/B000BBS49C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1386073406&sr=8-2&keywords=msr+whisperlite+international What's nice about the international is it runs on unleaded gasoline, it's an added bonus that the fuel bottle doubles as reserve fuel.
  13. matt 2778

    Can I mount rear passenger pegs?

    You could possibly find someone with an s or sm that wants to trade for the lighter e subframe. The foot pegs you'll have to of course source too and they tend to sell for decent money. I will say that the drz is not a fun bike to ride two up, which is why myself and my brother both removed our passenger pegs (I don't want to sell mine though).
  14. matt 2778

    zeta hand guard bend?

    I have the bent style after having the straight prior to hitting a deer. I like the bent style better as it sits lower on the bar. Though I've never personally heard of it happening I feel the lower guard may reduce the risk of hand guard broken wrist incidence.
  15. matt 2778

    Noob Question