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  1. OHVrider

    105sx for adult rider?

    I think the WR400 was way too big for you, I bet you have a ton more fun on the 105SX.
  2. OHVrider

    150 Expert or 250F?

    He does not look too small on that bike. Ground looks VERY hard though. Thanks for posting the pics.
  3. OHVrider

    Razzies to Honda

    I have both KTM and Jap bikes. I"d rather have steel bars stock as I always replace them. I need my bars moved forward and up alot. Thus new top triple clamp and bars. I've found both KX hi's and CR 2X hi's to be a little low, so I also need tall bar posts. Same with seat, if I could buy a bike without the seat I would cause its coming off right away for a tall seat. I used to run low pegs too, but smacked my toes on some roots once, and decid'ed I keep the pegs hi as possible. The point is that upgrading the replacable ergo parts is a waste of money IMO cause they only fit about 20% of the riders. Better chains and sprokets would be better $$$ spent by the factoies, cause I do usally run stock gearing as I find that its usually the best combo for all-around.
  4. OHVrider

    150 Expert or 250F?

    Post pics.
  5. OHVrider

    Will valves be an issue???

    Yes, just like the big bikes. Same lever it looks like. You use it when the bike is hot to ease starting.
  6. OHVrider


    Just ride the 85 for a while and he'll grow. The 2-strokes are still good bikes and its what all the current riders learned on. The kick starter is a bit taller, there will be more resistance, you need to give a 4-stroke a FULL kick, can't just slap at it. When hot you need to use the hot start, and the bike is about 15 pounds heavier or so. I'd say a lot of kids will have a wait a year or two longer to jump up from the 65's or just ride an 85 for a while. I'm sure in a month or two there will be a mini bike comparison in mini rider or some other mags. Dirt Rider has a writeup in the latest Nov issue.
  7. OHVrider

    BBR already has some parts.

    Well to ride off private property you will probably need a spark arrestor. Also at some parks (Holliser, etc.) in CA you need to be 96db, and there have been rumors that CARB or whoever will lower that to 92db.
  8. So when are you getting it? I can't wait to hear how you like it. Especially the new chasis and suspension. Congrads, I'm sure there will be a time or two when your buddies are kicking away, and you just hit that "button". Cheers,
  9. OHVrider

    Had to get it off my shoulders (cr125)

    Well if you crave 2-stroke power like I do right now, I guess you need to look at the YZ250 and KTM's going forward. Hopefully Suzuki and Kawi won't follow Honda, but so far they have not said anything? I also hope that Husky will continue to build there WR's, but really if you want a WR, might as well buy used cause they have not changed it in years. I blame the AMA for setting crazy displacement rules. If AMA made 250cc 4-strokes race in the 250 class, we'd still have a 250 class and Honda would be nuts to drop the 2-strokes because they would not win any more titles. This rule is bad for 4-strokes too, cause without it, they still be searching for those missng ponies the 4-strokes don't make. The other rule that has killed R&D is the min weight rule. The 250 2-strokes have been stuck at the same weight for a long time cause there was no reason to go lighter. They should lower that limit too. KTM is ignoring the rule cause all the Pro's are on 450's. Cheers,
  10. OHVrider

    Trials Learning Center?

    Does it still exist? I tried to find it on google and got no hits? If not, where is the best place to rent trials bike and take a beginner class from? Multi day would be good. Thanks in advance,
  11. OHVrider

    CRF150R Basics/Specs

    Or you could just get 3 of them I saw one for the first time in living color and it looks a little beefier than the CR85R. I think Honda plans for a lot of adults to buy them for junior, but end up riding it alot more then they planed. Congrads on the purchase.
  12. OHVrider

    2 or 4 stroke in the dunes?

    CR500, or if you have $$$ a CR500AF
  13. OHVrider

    Ashley Fiolek and the CRF150R video

    Yea, same for me, no sound, so I had to load it up on my Mac to hear it. Maybe the Quicktime + iTunes player is needed? I could of swore it worked before my last windows update. I got WinXP Pro and the latest Quicktime from about 2 weeks ago. The QT on my mac is old as I have not bothered to update it as Its a 3 year old laptop. Oh well, another reason I went to Mac in the first place, stuff just works.
  14. OHVrider

    150 Expert or 250F?

    Well I've had a EFI dirt bike with the Optmi Power FI system and it does not have all of the sensors that a Car or Street bike system has so you have to hook up your laptop and adjust it far more than I thought I would before I got it. The system I had is the same one the TT race bike is using. I had the 3 stage map select and all the warning lights as well. In 2002 when I had it you needed a battery for the system, the new Honda based trials bike (montesa) is kick start, so they have figured that out now.
  15. OHVrider

    07 250sx?

    I was talking with Jason Chisum (races Pro AMA SuperMoto, used to race MX) anyway he over jumped a 100 foot triple on a new 2006 KTM 250SX and landed in the flat. In the air he thought he was in serious trouble, but the bike soaked it up and he walked away. He is about 6'ish and 165 pounds, I think the suspsension was stock as as friend bought it and said it can't jump, yada, yada, he was trying to show him it could when I found that the motor has a lot more than he expected for a stock bike. I'd suspect the 07's are even better, but only time will tell. Like any bike if you get the suspension setup for you weight and riding style it will be worlds better. Cheers,