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  1. YZFan

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    Those Aprilia's are PURE SEX. I want to buy one just for the looks.
  2. YZFan

    2009 or 2010 Tall riders

    Im 6'3" I have it all tall seat, tall bars, and lower pegs. It makes going from sitting to standing much easier and the tall bars make standing much more comfy. The tall seat is the best for me though. I bought an SDG seat but dont think I would do that again the seat base is junk and broke on me. Now I use the SDG seat foam on the stock base. Good luck. I wish Acerbis made the new seat in tall I would get that forsure.
  3. YZFan

    Project KDX 220R - The Rebuild

    Nick she's only a whore if YOU PIMP her out!!! And I dont mean pimp my ride kind of pimp. Nice build Nick I have been checking in all the time. Good luck
  4. YZFan

    mx vs atv reflex

    I will have this game in a week or so. So I hope to see some of you guys online. Family is coming from the US and bringing me the game. Untill then I would like to know how many of the guys on line really ride?? Just a question.
  5. anyone have this???
  6. YZFan

    250x polished frame

    I had a 99 CR 250 polished the frame, swing arm, and engine side covers. They looked like yours and I will never do it again. Way to much work.
  7. YZFan

    will 05 exhaust fit on an 04???

    Im pretty sure it wont work. Call TT and see if you can return it.
  8. YZFan

    2010 maico

    If I had the coin I would be all over the 320 that thing is a work of art. I dig the left side kick it takes me back to my Husaberg days.
  9. YZFan

    Check This Out

    I have seen stuff like that in diesels but never on a bike. That is crazy
  10. Thanks for the update I am downloading it now.
  11. Can someone please make a torrent for the Bubba's World. I can't get it here in South America. A Super Big Thank you in advance.
  12. I dont get it was it a race? Why would you want to ride with four wheelers? Not trying to be an A$$ just wanting to know what it really was?
  13. YZFan

    is it time for a new tire?

    Turn it around and it is good as new.
  14. YZFan

    Extreme Makeover

    Just in case anyone wants to know Forrest is a STAND UP guy. He is really good to deal with and just a all around good person. I bought a Toy Hauler trailer and some parts for my Honda from him. If you don't see it on his website give him a call he will try and find it. Just wanted to give a good guy a good plug
  15. YZFan

    Husaberg FC600 too much HP for MX?

    To much grunt I dont think so. I had one and the problem was its revs were slow and it was harder to clear jumps out of corners. I could clear jumps out of turns easier with my CR250 then my 600. Now long straight with six gears your eyes would water before the bike would stop. The bike is more for open natural style tracks. The power is very manageable not what you would think from a 600. As far a unreliable there was some problems but if its a 2000 and still running strong it should be fine.