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  1. Track looks like fun...great pics also!
  2. 9 hour round trip to get my dream bike (09 cfr450). I ended up hating the damn thing and only kept it for a couple of months.
  3. jamey1e

    Charlotte, NC area riders?

    I'm on the other side of Lancaster. TNT is probably going to be the closes to you and isn't that bad. The MX track could use a little work but the trails are nice.
  4. jamey1e

    Charlotte, NC area riders?

    Where in SC are you?
  5. jamey1e

    Need info on what class to race in

    For your first race just remember it's exactly that your first race. You don't have to go out and try to kill it, just try to have fun. My first race I entered 250D. There was a gate full of 250D riders (imagine that) so when it dropped I just let them all go and held back, rode the moto and took it as a learning experience. Second moto came around I took the holeshot and lead for 4 laps (there was only 5) only to get tight and wash the front out and finish dead last. I had a ball and was hooked though from then on. I still get the jitters before every race but I guess thats part of why I keep going back.
  6. jamey1e

    Looking to buy 2009 250f

    I've had 2 09 KX250F's and both were bullet proof bikes with zero problems. I bought my second one from a pro rider who used it as one of his many practice bikes. I got it with 44 hours and after seeing how rough he was on his bikes I decided to go ahead and do a top end/valve job and surprisingly everything was in pretty decent shape and I probably could have gotten away with just a piston and valve shim. The bike had a tick over 80 hours on it when I sold it and it never once needed a valve adjustment or gave any trouble. Go for it man there great bikes.
  7. jamey1e

    What are you guys paying for the 13?

    Seen a few on Craigslist advertised for $7700 in NC.
  8. jamey1e

    Turner steel sprockets

    I've never had one rust and I've had alot of them.
  9. jamey1e

    Quad crash with a hot headed friend

    What a D-Bag. How did they crash in the first place?
  10. jamey1e

    2009 450r triple clamps on 2002 CR250

    Now that I think about it I think they were off a 10 CRF250 (it's been awhile). Either way though I've got a set of 09 clamps I'm going to try on my 03. Looking at the specs though they shouldn't work without machining.
  11. jamey1e

    Best Drink

    For the average weekend warrior racing once or twice a month this is actually good advice. Another thing alot of people make the mistake of is not drinking water soon enough. By this I mean waiting til the day of to start hydrating. You need to start hydrating 24-48 hours before the event.
  12. jamey1e

    2009 450r triple clamps on 2002 CR250

    That's funny I put a set of 09 clamps on my 06 cr250 and they fit perfect but I have another set to go on my 03 so we'll see how they work. Kinda makes me wonder if all the 09s got the 48mm forks.
  13. I was riding at a sandpit near my house a few months back and this guy shows up who apparently had the land leased to hunt on and told me I had to leave. Well we get to chatting and he tells me he use to ride alot and was sponsered by Yamaha. He then proceeds to ask what kind of bike I had (granted my box stock '10 CRF450 was sitting right there on the stand) but I humor him and tell him what kind of bike it is. He then tells me that Yamaha use to ship him works "Gucci" bikes to test for the factory racers. He ask what kind of HP does my 450 make and I say around 50, he laughs and say's my 250's use to have over 100 HP and would eat that 450 alive. I say wow thats crazy what year was this, he says it was the late 80's/early 90's. He then says hey mind if I take your bike for a spin, yeah I had to pass on that test ride! BTW does anybody have any idea what a "Gucci" bike is....LOL
  14. Wow as in I can't believe you posted that video!