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  1. Not sure what the brown stuff is? Sludge, dirt??? That filter rarely gets touched on my 990 because the few times I've checked it, it was as clean as a whistle. I'll probably check it every third time or so. Oh and if you want to speed up those oil changes, get /make an oil drain line and install the CPR fab "snap out" plate. With those two items an oil change/ filter and air filter can all be swapped out in under 20min.
  2. Srad600

    Enduro Amateur 30+. 1 lap with GoPro on TC449

    Nice, that does look like a very fun track.
  3. Srad600

    Bar risers on a 2004 TE450

    I've got 2" rox risers on my TC, standing up is much more comfortable for me now.
  4. Srad600

    04 tc 450 help!!!

    Yes on both of these. I replaced the stator, but I used a high output one for a KTM with a few minor mods to fit the Husky. Has worked great for over a year now. Also replaced the battery with an A123, also works great. I've had Halls do their thing to the carb, and although it's vastly improved over stock, i'd still like to chuck it into a hole with a stick of dynamite. At some point I plan on just replacing it completely, but for now it does the job. Guess my point is the hall's fix, isn't really a fix, but an improvement.
  5. Srad600

    04 tc 450 help!!!

    I had an issue similar to yours where the bike would run, but stutter slightly, then eventually not start. Turns out my coil was bad & the connection from the coil to the wiring harness was also not as tight as it should have been. With a new coil and cleaned/tightened connections the issue has not come back in over a year. I'd start checking with the coil and go from there.
  6. Srad600

    2012 Hells Gate Enduro

    Gnarly...looks like fun...to watch.
  7. Srad600

    Little Stewart?

  8. Srad600

    LAPD Job Perk

    That beats the drz's the SF city cops use by far.
  9. Nice. I plan on doing this mod once anything goes wrong with the motor on my '04 tc.
  10. Srad600

    Is it time to adjust my valves?

    +1, I've adjusted valve clearances on a few different bikes and I agree, super super easy to do.
  11. This strikes me as an up to date, sexy, much more powerful (hopefully) XR650L/KLR...if this has similar reliability, ride-ability, and flexibility as those two bikes, in a nicer and more attractive package...Husky have just set themselves up for years upon years of positive sales growth. Seriously, Honda are still selling the xr650l...same bike...decades old tech...if they can do it, Husky can too (using modern tech of course). If you can't tell I think the bike looks great, and has the potential to be the swiss army knife of the husky line.
  12. Srad600

    E-bikes, now Sherco!!!

    Some of these electric bikes are starting to look really interesting both in price and range...not to mention looks. Check out the Brammo Engage... Link to article here ---> http://www.green.autoblog.com/2011/05/04/brammo-engage-and-encite-race-off-road-with-mechatronic-6-speed/
  13. Srad600

    will husky - BMW

    Not sure about years past, but KTM was out in force this year. They had a booth area set up next to Ducati. they had multiple 990's (ADV and SM),1190's as well as what appeared to be the full four stroke and two stroke dirt bike line up. The only thing that was missing was the 690.
  14. Srad600

    will husky - BMW

    Yep, I thought that was pretty sad. Plenty of BMW bikes, but just one Te449... off in one dark corner as well
  15. Srad600

    WINGS Ti/Carbon silencers for the Husky 630.

    Looks nice. I've never heard of these guys before, but I like the aerospace design concept.