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  1. I added those trailer magnetic brake lights after that. Now I'm trailering and would never go back. Some folks just dont have the space to store a trailer, so they hitch haul. https://www.etrailer.com/Tow-Bar-Wiring/MaxxTow/MT70097.html
  2. "Any news, which receiver drop/rise did you buy and does it work? I'm looking to lower my receiver / carrier cause it currently sits quite high and I need hulkish forces to push my tiny XR250R on it." Methods I used in past: With engine on, slip-clutch the way up. Or, get back about 10 yards, and accelerate to jog speed while pushing bike (in neutral engine off) by the time you hit the base of ramp with front wheel. And or, weld/fab 2-3 ft more onto ramp which reduces the angle - this helps a lot. My neighbor claims to have lifted his CRF450 onto my hitch hauler, which he borrowed, and then someone rear ended the hitchhauler/ramp rendering ramp useless..
  3. I would not use that hitch adapter. Here's a vid of one breaking and dropping the bike off rear of truck.
  4. E trailer been good to me. some folks get miffed about returning used items or start going down the modification route. Given todays legal climate, no business can get deep into your hitch mod plan, or accept back used items for restock - especially for trailer hardware!
  5. here are some wood deck trailers nearby... https://www.majestik-trailers.com/product-category/utility-trailers/
  6. They snap around in the wind, grommets pull out, tears develop quickly. Still better than a salt spray like I got going over the rockies in April. I am seriously considering stretch wrap.
  7. Not necessarily Though its nice to have something holding the bike upright as you secure the turnbuckles. On using a wood block under skid plate between the pegs: the block will ever so slowly work its way out as the trailer flexes over say a few hundred miles - faster on rough roads. The block should be retained in some way to the trailer floor in my experience.
  8. Years ago some dude was telling me had to practically give away his two rail trailer........there was no interest out there in the used market. Screw down a couple 2x4's on a wood deck utility trailer........Presto! Now it has rails.
  9. Dexter, which makes most of these hubs/axles, says to service every yr or 12,000miles I think.........that means disassemble, inspect, replace as needed, clean, regrease. Many are like me and haul into the backcountry, which often involves going thru creeks with trailer wheels mostly submerged.. The seals, even when new, do a mediocre job keeping the water out. Often I'll see a bit of rust starting inside the hub mere weeks after a creek crossing. Being the paranoid type about leaving my KTM on trailer by side of highway, I even carry a spare trailer hub on long road trips. Like $40 of insurance?
  10. Vans and enclosed trailers, while better since thief has no knowledge whats inside initially, still offer cover and time for thieves to work if they get in. Where as cutting a few chains/locks on open trailer deck, while facing 200 hotel room windows should rattle most meth-heads. I ran into a tweaker eyeing my KTM on trailer deck at a Hampton inn. He sure got of the area real fast! I agree with the above advice.......throw on every lock and chain you have. Preferably at least one chain being a square-link super hard Peweg or similar. https://www.westechrigging.com/pewag-security-chain-012-galv-kit-2.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1OLJ3KX44AIVKrCzCh1cUQTCEAQYASABEgLJT_D_BwE
  11. Steel cans will rust on the bottom. Ethanol (in gasoline 10%) is hygroscopic to the point it pulls water out of the air. the water settles in droplets at bottom. Corrosion begins. Zinc coated/galvanized helps, but...... If you use steel fuel can often it wont matter too much. Looked inside my steel 5gal can I had and was shocked at the corrosion and the sludge of rust particles on bottom. For me it will always be poly 5gals from now on. It appears someone makes a 5gal Stainless Steel gas can. But I suspect its made in china......so who knows the quality. https://www.amazon.com/Lovinland-Gallon-Stainless-Portable-Storage/dp/B07K6KN5MW
  12. Look at the wall construction of moving cube trucks/vans......... Decently beefy. Everything else is less.....a lot less. Many trailers would have wall failure if a big Harley fell over.
  13. Uhaul doesnt put in tie down points because some fool will over tighten a 2in ratchet strap pulling in the trailer wall.
  14. Clutch is way faster(control not speed) than throttle when picking your way through rocky ascents. You'll never see Jarvis with a weecluse.
  15. No.....as in it would get wet if left in open truck bed, or stolen by dirtbags.
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