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  1. Diamond Mill Tillamook State forest. I didn't throw it, it flipped. It was straight up hill. The video flattens it out. What a season! It was so good for so long
  2. The Thumpette forum used to be very active. It seem many have moved to FB groups. It appears the two who have "liked" your post are men. But what the hell, who doesn't like videos and photos of themselves? I just got a GoPro for my birthday.
  3. Following. I'd like to know how your aer forks adjustments go. I'm a lightweight #130 with a 2016 FE350. I love everything about it, but it is heavy. I do mostly mountain single track. I took the headlight off, lithium ion battery. I'm not sure how far to go if there is something better. The motor is a dream (probably the extra flywheel weight. My friends new XC seems to have very little). Suspension is good after new springs.
  4. I have a mens Fox armor jacket and Arcteryx backpack/hydration system. I got the backpack on closeout but it works great. Side pockets are nice for snacks and towel without having to take it off. Bite valve has a mount, so it is not flying around. I carry tools too, so it might be bigger than you are looking for.
  5. I saw you go to Riverdale occasionally. I went 3 times last year. Now that I have a bike that jumps, I'm liking MX a bit better. Maybe I will see you there this year.
  6. Hey Debi and Kris, it's Dawn Pisto. Haha should have mentioned that. I used to be dvkmoto here circa 2008. I have fond memories of the first woman's ride organized here that took place in northern Michigan. Too bad everyone has scattered. So many other options these days.
  7. How come? Thanks for the info. It is hard to choose when you can't actually try them.
  8. Your are correct re-sprung was #1. It made a huge difference. I didn't have much choice in the matter. I'm lightweight. I'm not sold on re-valving at the moment. I will look into it.
  9. Did you have to come up with a special Slime formula I read about? Any issues with flats or installation?
  10. Thanks for the input. I saw the Sedona/tubliss on the trail last summer. Extra low tire pressure sounds intriguing.
  11. Does seem awfully quiet. Glad to meet you!
  12. I've been away from TT for a long time, nice to see some things never change ?
  13. I try to be smooth to conserve energy and keep as much traction as possible to keep going forward faster. Too old and weak for race pace, but more aggressive than cruising. Does that make any sense?
  14. Hola. I was here in 2007-08 ish. I met amazing women riders here. Might have been distracted by Facebook groups, moving to the west coast etc. I'm getting more surrounded by women who like to talk about it more than ride. So I'm back. Hoping to find actual discussion about riding and motorcycles and motorcycle parts you can't live without. Who is active in the Thumpette forum? Anyone in the PNW need help getting to trials? I have a lot of catching up to do. I am excited to meet y'all.
  15. I got a Husqvarna FE 350 last year (a 2016 model). I ride Tillamook, Hood River, China Hat. Stock tires are done. Any tire recommendations? It is shitty outside and all I can think about is riding. please help.