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  1. borsy

    98 Klx300

    Seems like the bushings in the idler gear wear out quickly since the timing of the compression release is off, I have made bushings form high strength alloy to replace the standards. If you need one let me know, $15, beats the $70 for a new gear you can't even buy anymore. You will know if you need one by seeing if the gear has alot of side to side play "wobble" like stated in last post. To much play and not getting the ACR retimmed by brewster, may lead to the idler gear breaking. Borsy
  2. borsy

    KLX 300 bog with Mikuni 33 pumper

    I think the TM33 with the 45 pilot and 145 main seems alittle rich, you need to check your plug color right after the bog, kill the motor and read the plug color, I would also try adjusting the fuel/air screw on the bottom side of the float bowl, (that you can get at with a very small screw driver) I would suggest 2 turns out for a reference point. I agree adjusting the needle on the TM33 really is a pain, but once you get it dialed in, no comparison, nothing but wheelies and smiles....... I have a TM33 bored out to a 35 142 main 45 pilot, needle is a 5fp96 with clip in 3rd spot, runs flawless, starts 2nd/ 3rd kick without choke, everytime unless under 40° hope this helps. Borsy
  3. borsy

    KLX good for Motorcross??

    You can motoX anything, alot will be in the suspension setup, now will it be the best, no way, but if he's just looking to have some fun, for sure, 10 years ago, I raced a 1985 xr350 in the 35 yr vet class against mainly 250 kx, and cr's I did fairly well often 3rd place in a class of 10 riders and did take 1st with it on several races (mud races), 5 years ago I raced my new DRZ400 in the 40+ class, again I raced against alot of 2 stroke 250's and YZ400F, same results . mainly 3rd, alot is the rider knowing what his abilities and his bikes abilities are, and I will tell you the KLX is far better than the XR350 or the DRZ, 10 years ago I watched Dick Burelson (spelling?) 7 time enduro champ absolutly smoke everyone on a 1995 klx250 which had a thumper 280 kit in it, in the 250 class at our local motoX track, Compared to the new 4 strokes it will lack, but a few years back alot of guys beefed it up and did very well with it, they liked the feel of the stiffer frame and it's quick turning ability. I can easily do a 30 ft double with my son's klx300, it's all about knowing how much gas on the jump face, rider position and where to land it. My vintage 1987 TT350 will also do it no problem. alot is what the rider is capable of. If he just wants to have some fun, beef up the suspension, go a tooth lower on the front sprocket, get some good bars, and have a blast. Borsy
  4. borsy

    ACR Mods with 01 klx300

    Brewster, I'll try to post a drawing but I do know that some of the amount of washers and thicknesses vary between some years, I'll post what assembly mine had and stipulate it may be different as I found with another post over the last year of some other guys sketches of his assembly. On the carb I'm assuming you mean the carb slide, on the TM33 pumper? It remains stock as long as you take it out before having it bored. (LOL) Borsy
  5. borsy

    ACR Mods with 01 klx300

    Yogi, The TM 33 will need an adapter which White Bros. sells for about $20 I had The Brewster do the ACR mod and it is a for sure thing to do, works great, also The Idler gear bushings do have excess slop, I found about .003" slop on the dia. and when you move that out to the end of the gear tooth after wiggling it, its about 1/16"-1/8" not real good for mating gears. I have bought some bushing stock that fits properly on the dia's but just needs to be machined to the right length which seems to be around .290-.300 lg. I would be happy to make you one for about $15, but you would need to be able to check the length between the thrust (spacer) washer which sits up to the shaft bearing in the case and the "c" clip that holds the gear on. I'll try to come up with some drawings/photos of what i'm talking about, since proper length is pretty critical in taking out alot of the freeplay out. I bought a TM33 and bored it out to a 35mm, its a great setup and made alot of difference. Borsy
  6. borsy

    Do U have a FCR PUMPER?

    GreenKLX, I have a Mikuni TM33 bored out to 35mm it is a great setup, I too want to add a Hot Start to it, any pictues or tips you want to share, like the drilling position of the carb body and whose Hot Start kit did you buy. thanks for any info. Borsy
  7. borsy

    How good is the KLX 300?

    If your looking for a great trail bike, the KLX is in the hunt, Yes the Mods really help the power, You don't need a different carb just a $50 jetting kit and a $150 header, and $75 for heavier suspension springs, so for about $300, you can have a pretty nice trail bike, it's not supposed to be a competitive racer like a WR250 or CRf250, its a great trail bike that is very dependable, light and just a blast to ride, without alot of upkeep and maintence issues. Borsy
  8. borsy

    klx300r against dr350

    I loved the DRZ motor, it was quiet and powerful but the bike was big and heavy, now I think the perfect all around bike would be if they stuck the DRZ 400 motor in the KLX frame, noooooo that would be to easy now wouldn't it.
  9. borsy

    klx300r against dr350

    Before buying my sons KLX300 which has a aftermarket exhaust and carb, I had a 2000 DRZ it was a nice bike but felt very big and heavy compared to the KLX, it turned like a dream but it would wear you out when pushed for an extended period of time. The KLX feels like a feather compared to it, and I'm surprised at how well it performs once a few mods have been done. Borsy
  10. borsy

    Carb Question

    I'm pretty sure the TM34 is not a pumper type carb (internal acceleratorl pump) it would require a special type bleeder type needle valve, and still would probally not work all that great, you need a pumper type which Mikuni made in a TM33 not sure if they made a pumper TM36. Borsy
  11. borsy

    Just Purchased (97 klx 300)

    If it's tore down check the idler gear between the primary gear on back of clutch and the gear in the kick starter, if it has alot of play (which is very common) you can replace the bushing, I found mine to have about .003-.004 slop and replaced it, I have 10 spares I had a machine shop make so if you need one let me know. Also have brewster to the ACR mod. makes life so much easier, mine has always started after the 2nd-3rd kick and I always don't follow the starting procedure. It's a great bike !!!! Borsy
  12. borsy

    flywheel mod??

    unless you've already put on a bunch of aftermarket goodies, like head pipe, muffler, pumper-carb, I think you would be wasting your time and effort on the flywheel mod. With all the hop-up goodies on the bike it becomes so quick to rev. and if your bike is near stock I think a lighter flywheel would make it more prone to stall, now if you've done all the mods and are still looking for a touch better acceleration then I could see doint it. I don't want to discourage you but I think there are better mods for the money depending on your situation. Borsy
  13. borsy

    Installed Bored out TM33 oh yeah!!!!!

    GreenKLX, I had a local machine shop do it, I do not have the equipment but anybody with a milling machine can do it as long as they properly indicate and check the mill spindle runs true to the bore before machining it. It takes about 1hr to properly setup and machine. Find a shop that knows what they are doing, not just a guy with a mill, like I said "Setup is the key" I feel it's a great compromise between the TM33 and the 36, The results are amazing, great low end all the way thru the top. I am running the stock headpipe but a supertrapp disc type muffler (10 discs). I couldn't be happier with the results.
  14. borsy

    Klx 300

    I think 27h.p. is the rating I've seen, I'm not sure if that's stock or after the free Mods.
  15. borsy

    Installed Bored out TM33 oh yeah!!!!!

    It's so eager to loft the front end in 1st 2nd 3rd, it has tremendous low end I would have never thought it, That's why I kept the stock headpipe but went to a aftermarket muffler with tuneable disc's so I could adjust, low end, mid Top depending on where or what I was riding, my DRZ with stroker exhaust had alot of low end and mid, I would say from seat of the pants feel the KLX is about equal until 5th gear than the DRZ would have another 5-8 mph on top end, but that's what impressed me the most about this setup is from low-end to mid without a doubt it would hang with a bike that has about 7-10 more H.P. has to be the power to weight factor. Borsy