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  1. glangston

    Ride training. Party till you puke!

    Did you see George up there with the Betas? I'd heard Gold Hill was tough
  2. I think George will try and bring some (3) Betas to the event this June 26-28.not sure if they are all demo but likely one will be.. Should be a bigger event this year with the Nat. Dual Sport series.
  3. glangston

    BETA 4T and 2T Skid Plates - Alloy

    It will keep things toasty.
  4. glangston

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    I remember Husky kickstands like that and George would take them off, grind the mounting areas flat and then they'd stay together.
  5. glangston


    Just to cover the gouge i put in it from a crash. I can find decals but they have product names or colors that are not relative. Beta trials bikes have protectors available on Beta site and i've asked if they will work...doubtful.
  6. glangston


    Just want a swingarm graphic or plastic protection. Hopefully red, black, white and name specific to Beta or equipment on Beta '12 RS 350
  7. glangston

    Just bought a Clake 2 for my 300RR...

    Don't extreme enduro champs use auto clutches like Rekluse?
  8. glangston

    Beta in racing

    Really like the Italian colors in graphics.
  9. My dealer is looking towards April. ETA I think the West Coast dock worker thing is settling ... http://www.latimes.com
  10. glangston

    Help / advice broke oil filter bolt

    Are you close to Santa Ana, CA? I think George (Uptite Racing) could get you back in business. 1 714 540-2920
  11. glangston

    Wildwood Hill climb - Beta vs Husaberg

    Good ad vor Goldentyre...
  12. glangston

    Battery for my 2008 450rr

    http://junopower.com/collections/automobile/products/junojumpr-junojumper-most-portable-jump-starter 7 ounces starts your car or bike....wow!
  13. glangston

    Battery for my 2008 450rr

    I would go with EarthX Read up on them first. Beta offers them as a BYOB item.
  14. glangston

    2011 te250 xlite motor need valves

    You might call George, 1 714 540-2920. He's been in contact with Del West about replacement stock, just can't remember which years and models.
  15. glangston

    Radiator hose kit - no more thermostat - no biggie?

    While at Uptite i noticed Mike Kay's bike had a "Y" and thermo removed. There was also some talk about Not Running a special coolant as it had been suspected of leading to head gasket failures. This may only be an issue if you're a racer...this was something talked about between George and Purvines