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  1. WR450F_RDR

    lets hear the Close Call stories

    I consider this a close call in some respects. I was riding my dual sported WR last year up the highway toward a lake. I was making a left turn onto a forest road when a guy in a pickup decided to pass me. He T-boned me at about 50 miles an hour. I don't remember much about what happened next but my friend who was following me said when he hit me I ended up on the hood of the truck and into the windshield. the truck hit his brakes and I flew off forward. I ended up in the hospital for 7 days with both lower legs broke. I consider my lucky to be alive. That is close enough for me. if you haven't guessed the bike was totaled.
  2. WR450F_RDR

    yamaha yz450 06 and up wide ratio trans

    I just finished this mod on my 08 YZ450F. it is a little spendy but well worth it if you spend a lot of time in tight woods type riding. swapping the gears on the transmission was really easy. the only daunting task is tearing the motor down to split the case. i enjoy riding my bike a lot more now.
  3. WR450F_RDR

    Dipstick Replacement

    I could care less myself for the bling aspect of it. I am looking for something functional. I have already partially cross threaded the thing once.
  4. WR450F_RDR

    Dipstick Replacement

    Nice work. your friend needs to go into business and produce some more. I am sure i am not the only one who would like replace theirs.
  5. WR450F_RDR

    Dipstick Replacement

    I have found a couple of companies that make them for the YFZ quad but not the YZ450F. I think the motors are similiar but don't know if the dipstick is the same?
  6. WR450F_RDR

    Dipstick Replacement

    I am sure this may have been discussed before. I have an 08 YZ450F and was curious if anyone made an aftermarket dipstick for it. The stock plastic one is a pain in the back side sometimes, seems very easy to cross thread it. I did a search and didnt find anything here or on Google. I could have missed something though. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Yes I sometimes forget about that. Don't let the bike idle for long periods of time, they will overheat on you.
  8. The big question is does the bike only spit when hot? If so check jetting. If it does when cold as well I would look into the cooling system. Pump, radiators and plumbing. These are the only two main things I can think of which would cause the symtoms you describe.
  9. I have had multiple 450's and have never had an issue with topping the radiators off. You may want to look into whether you have a issue with your water pump. The question is does it do it only when the bike is hot? If so your jetting may be off causing the bike to overheat.
  10. WR450F_RDR

    Why do I need Topo Maps?

    Topo usually provides you with features that city nav will not like rivers, lakes, old mining sites and such. I use both and had it set up on last GPS to be able to switch back and forth between map sets.
  11. WR450F_RDR

    McGrew Trail Ride 08

    Ride update: everything is on track and scheduled to go. the weather is looking good for the the weekend of the ride. There are at this point 10+ plus riders looking to go. I will be camped put Thursday thru Saturday along the Illinois river outside of Obrien. let me know if you plan to go. we normally leave out in a timely manner so don't be late.
  12. WR450F_RDR

    McGrew Trail Ride 08

    Obrien, OR is in Southwestern Oregon off of hwy 199. it is located about 9 miles west of Cave Junction, OR
  13. WR450F_RDR

    McGrew Trail Ride 08

    I have put together a ride across the Mcgrew Trail for all who may be interested. if you have ever wanted to do the Mcgrew but didnt want to do it alone or not have someone around to carry out your broken body or bike now is the time. Here is the ride information and I have included a couple of pictures from our ride last year to give you some idea of the terrain. This is not per see a dual sport ride. The trail is open to OHV's. ** MCGREW TRAIL RIDE ** DATE: SATURDAY JUNE 7, 2008 START POINT: OBRIEN GAS STATION WHERE: OBRIEN, OR- ON HWY 199 WEST OF CAVE JUNCTION TIME: 7:00AM LENGTH OF RIDE: ROUND TRIP TO MEETING POINT IS 65 MILES. (approx. 16 miles as pictured) DIFFICULTY RATING: EXPERIENCED MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ONLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. VERY ROUGH TERRAIN, LOTS OF ROCKS. THERE WILL BE A BAIL OUT POINT 5-6 MILES INTO THE RIDE, AFTER THAT POINT THERE IS NO EASY ACCESS TO GOOD FOREST SERVICE ROADS. PLEASE BRING WATER OR SOMETHING TO DRINK FOR ALONG THE TRAIL, YOU WILL NEED IT. GAS POINTS: OBRIEN GAS STATION AND STORE, CAVE JUNCTION CHEVRON. CAMPING: AVAILABLE FOR THOSE INTERESTED. (EMAIL ME FOR MORE INFO) MY PERSONAL INTENERARY: (this may change so if you have any questions email me.) Fri. 6/6/08- to pre-run mcgrew trail in order to clear any obstructions. this will be done by 4x4 carrying chainsaw and other trail clearing gear. I expect there may be work involved in this pre-run. Sat. 6/7/08- ride Mcgrew trail.
  14. WR450F_RDR

    Advice about a rip off

    I know I heard somewhere there has been a bunch of cars broken into. The thieves took registrations in order to later break into the homes of the car owners. I would be on the lookout for this possibility.
  15. WR450F_RDR

    Oregon Dual Sport Ride Partners.

    We mainly do rides to the coast and in the local mountains here. We sometimes head north but usually it is within a hundred or so miles for us. If you get down this way PM me. I am looking to do the Shotgun creek area some time soon with some people I know in that region but it will be mostly off road.