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  1. jonboat

    2 stroke compression

    I'm getting ready to refurbish a 78 DT400 thats been sitting in my garage collecting dust. Its in great shape with a title so I want to use it as a rider but the last time I rode it was about 2 or 3 years ago and it had a hard time pulling up a long hill on a hard road, I had to downshift twice to get up this hill at 50 mph (my wife's xt225 will pull this hill with no problem). About a month ago I checked the compression with the decomp disabled and at WOT and it registered a consistant 125-127 psi.. Seems like good compression to me, what do you guiys think? I really don't want to tear down the engine but will do so if needed. I do plan on BBQing the exhaust just in case it is carboned up and also pulling the carb to clean it. This bike should have plenty of power to pull any hill. If I end up doing a top end I guess I'll have to do the crank seals also, how difficult are the seals to install? Thanks for any replies.
  2. jonboat

    Brought home another bike

    Another YZ80 story: Back around 79 or 80 a friend of mine had a brand new YZ80 that his father bought him and we were riding in an area with some trails through the woods and also had a dirt road with some large dirt piles to prevent automobiles from coming through. I was riding my JT1 mini enduro 60 so needless to say my buddy was a lot faster than I was on the road but he just wasn't experienced in trail riding and I could run with him on the trails. Well he decided he was going to prove himself by out jumping me on those big dirt piles which I wasn't about to try. After doing a couple of test runs like Evel used to do he tried to jump those huge mounds. He was way up in the air with the throttle open and came down hard on the rear wheel and his leg, he went down hard. I walked over to check on him and one of his lower legs was hurting pretty bad, he figured that it was broken. He told me to ride to his house and get his dad so I was getting ready to jump on my 60 and do so then he said take my bike its faster. I didn't hesitate, I jumped on that YZ and fired it up and took off. Holy cow that bike had some power it was the first real race bike that I had ever ridden, the front end just seemed to float in the air. I received 3 miles of thrills to get to his house and parked the bike to get his dad, his dad was pissed, we jumped in his truck to go pick up his son and on the way he was bitching about that bike. I was really hoping he would offer to give it to me or sell it to me really cheap but it never happened. My buddy went to the hospital and his bike went into the classifieds. I'll never forget the thrill of riding that thing, its just a shame my friend had to break a leg for me to ride it. Have fun with your new pit bike, I wouldn't mind finding one myself but I'd have to sell a bike to do so.
  3. Looks like a happy rider!
  4. jonboat

    79 yz250

    Darn! that looks like a great score. I have a 77 I'm thinking about selling, if it was as nice as yours I'd be keeping it. Nice jonboat.
  5. jonboat

    thinks to look for on used bike

    Decel pop is normal, you can minimize it with some carb adjustments. Your stock DR will be very lean and you may have noticed it surging at lower throttle settings. Well, thats normal too. If you perform the air box mod the stock jetting will be ok but you will need to gain access to the air fuel screw to adjust mixture. The stock BST carb is not the best carb for this bike but it can be made to perform much better with some easy inexpensive mods. The 650 can be a noisey engine and you can hear the valve train, I wouldn't worry about the valves as much as I would worry about fresh oil. Check your valves during your 5K mile service. If you are serious about your DR, you will find the answers to ALL of your questions on drriders.com Lots of friendly DR owners over there. Have fun!
  6. I change my oil when it gets dark and ugly, or when the tranny starts feeling notchy, and I use Rotella. Never had a engine or trans problem. I ride my bike hard at times, but I don't race.
  7. jonboat

    thinks to look for on used bike

    The DR is a fun bike, I've had my '06 since '07 and I enjoy it, its a low maintenance bike. How used is yours? The only thing to really worry about is the transmission as there have been some 3rd gear failures that have been ugly. I have almost 20K on my DR and it seems OK, and I run it pretty hard sometimes. I have done suspension work to the bike, unless you weigh about 130lbs. you will need some suspension work too. I also did some some engine work to gain more performance. If you still have the stock Trailwing tires on your bike remember that they are decent for pavement, very sketchy in mud, beware. Google drriders.com its the site you need to look at if you have a DR.
  8. My wife is about 5'4" and she rides a Yamaha xt225. She loves this bike, it has a low enough seat height that she can be flat footed when stopped. It also has E start and she just loves the magic button, Her last bike was Honda xl250r and it was tough for her to kick start. My wife doesn't really take the xt off road though. I think it would be an OK trail bike plus there is a web site just for them, lots of mods can be done to the xt's to imjprove them.
  9. Does anyone have any experiences with Ricochet swing arm mounted kickstands. I have an 07 husky Te510 that I need a stand for.
  10. jonboat

    Water Cooled Motorcycles.

    Thanks! I'll just keep on enjoying this bike.
  11. jonboat

    Water Cooled Motorcycles.

    60 views? I'm just asking if it is normal for watercooled bikes smell like antifreeze at times. I tried putting this post on the general dirt bike forum but it got moved. A little help please.
  12. I have an '07 Husqvarna TE510 with about 3,700 miles on it that I've owned for about four years now and as you can tell by the low milage it doesn't get ridden very much. My concern is that when I'm tinkering with it in the garage I can smell coolant and when I decide to take it out for a ride and come back to the garage I also smell coolant. The cooling system is not leaking and the fluid level remains consistant. Could the smell be coming from the overflow bottle? This is the only water cooled motorcycle I've ever owned and was just wondering if a coolant smell is normal from these type of motorcycles? Thanks!
  13. jonboat

    Get's me where I'm going no matter what!

    I hear ya, got my Husky out for the first time this year for a short ride and the smile factor was huge. I felt like a kid again.
  14. Who am I kidding... I cant sell this bike. I just rode the TE about 6-7 miles around the development where I live. I had more fun in those few miles than I had on a 50 mile ride on my DR650 earlier today. I really do enjoy this machine! Is it normal to smell coolant from these water cooled bikes? Its the first water cooled bike I've ever owned. It is not leaking anywhere. I have noticed this smell since I bought the bike in 2010. Now I just need to find a kick stand repair and a place to trailer it to ride. Any idea of what kind of mileage I should get with the stock fuel tank? I dont ride WFO. Thanks!!!
  15. I searched a few Cafe Husky articles but it seemed like the fix was for 2008 and newer models, there was possbly a change in the frame from 2007 to 2008. Has anyone tried a Ricochet swingarm mounted side stand on a TE510? Thanks.