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  1. hondaman91

    426?!?! good or bad?

    i am 5'11 165lbs, and have rode quite a while. i was just wondering if a 426 is right for me. i hear all these ppl talking about them but they are like 6'4 and i dont know if i would have fun on a bike that i have to lean at a 90 degree angle just to turn x). what do you think?
  2. hondaman91

    A Few Qs About The 2006!!

    thanks allot you guys!! anyone got a good price?
  3. hondaman91

    Newest Addition to the Garage...

    haha got enough bikes?!?! thats insain, but your 08 is beautiful!! have fun with her!
  4. hondaman91

    A Few Qs About The 2006!!

  5. hondaman91

    A Few Qs About The 2006!!

    Finnally decided to ride green ! Im looking into getting a 2006 kfx450 but i need to know a few things about it first! 1. Im pretty sure this is the first year of the kx450f, is there any real problems with the bike? 2. a good price for a nice used one. I have seen them go for 2800 and i have seen them go for 3800, id like to know a range of what id be spending. 3. is there any "musts" for aftermarket parts? ( is there anything that would really help the bike or somthing to counter a normal problem with the bike. 4. last but not least, is it dependeble. If i take it easy on the bike will i still have to redo the valves and what not everyother day? If you could help me out I would appricate it a lot! thank you very much! ~brandon~
  6. hondaman91

    2005 Crf450 Price And Upgrades!!

  7. Id like to know an average price thats good if id like to buy a 450. i would also liek to know if there are any MUST have upgrades, or even upgrades you recomend! thanks, brandon
  8. hondaman91

    i know im going to get killed..

    well i think i might get the kxf, just cuz of the valve problem on hondas, my freinds are gonna be pist , they all ride hondas! GO KAWA!
  9. hondaman91

    i know im going to get killed..

  10. hondaman91

    i know im going to get killed..

    i agree with that! but its just handy to know! thanks!
  11. hondaman91

    i know im going to get killed..

    lol, thanx i weight 175 im 5 11' and im at sealevel, any guesses?! i know the crf goes about 68 ish... oh and i was wondering if what the speed is STOCK, and then with a k&N filter, full pro circiut exhaust, and re jetting?! any clues?!?!
  12. hondaman91

    i know im going to get killed..

    Im gonna get killed for this one, but i HAVE looked, and i simply cannot find the top speed of the kx250f. im already sorry for asking, but i had a few questions to ask. see, im debateing on wich 250 to get, crf250r (honda) or the kawa 250? top speed is a priority! (althogh i will prolly only hit it like once or twice in my lifetime) how often do i have to rebuild a kawa? and is it expencive?(valves go out on the crfs like nothing, do they on the kawa?) last but not least, whats a better year for the kawa 250? i herd the radiator overheats like crazy on them.. and thats a priority awsell! thankx for your help! Brandon
  13. hondaman91

    CRF250F vs. Road

    thankx again!
  14. hondaman91

    CRF250F vs. Road

    allright! good deal! thanks man
  15. hondaman91

    CRF250F vs. Road