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  1. manson3161

    AMA Congress proposals.......

    Thanks for the AMA info -IL-
  2. manson3161

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Getting close to the 1 million hits mark
  3. manson3161

    Rocky Glen

    I went there for the first time this year. it was 2 weeks ago when they held the "practice" anyway I dont really care for the changes they have made, not many jumps and the many 180 corners with no burms really slow it down. If you decide to hit the tall uphill table get ready to be on the brakes sharp left hander with no burm right after you land!!! I didnt mind the sand section they used to have. Im sure I will not go back unless I can ride for FREE
  4. +1 I got mine at walmart for $10
  5. manson3161

    Ever encounter wildlife while riding?

    Like was said rippin 4th gear deer ran out I locked up the rear brake and part of the front the rear slide out and if it wouldnt have bounced off the deer I would have went down hard I had to stop and collect my thoughts on what just happen
  6. manson3161

    dirt bike themed bedroom

    you could get bale covers and banners like they have at the track
  7. manson3161

    2 stroke oil!!

    My bike only likes maxima castor 927. Any other brand it fouls the plug. Its about $30 for 64 oz
  8. manson3161

    Building Jumps

    Im 11.07 stone! you learn something everyday. as to the track i built a table then next to it i built a double same distance tables seem easy and doubles are a mind game...but land just at the edge of a table and th rebound can get hairy hang on
  9. manson3161

    Carbon fiber airbox is done!

    looks good! Is that the carbon sticker?
  10. manson3161

    harbor freight

    powder coating kit works well price was right
  11. manson3161

    Nuclear cowboyz

    Thats what I was thinking just way to much cash for a two hour event plus the 3 hr round trip drive...
  12. manson3161

    Illinois panik rev

    Local N. IL guys started a t shirt biz. www.wix.com/joeyjake/panik-rev just a few styles now but will be more to come soon PM me if you need info all the suport they can get would be great thanks -Ryan-
  13. manson3161

    Illinois Nuclear cowboyz

    Who's all going? I just looked at tix on ticket master "best avale" total of $100.30 a piece for me and my boy it would be around $300 after getting a shirt or to with the tix and gas ect. just wondering if any fellow IL TT people are going Rosemont 4/17 and 4/18
  14. manson3161

    Nuclear Cowboyz FMX Tour

    crap man here in IL tickets are $85.00 with a 15.30 "convenance fee" $100.30 :ride: