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  1. maxpat82

    Pilot Power 2CT rear tire life

    I was doing about 6K miles on my PP. I'm now running PR2 and PR3 and they last at least 10K yes I'm speaking about the rear! I keep them at ~32/32 and never had an issue about grip either. (can ride the footpeg almost!)
  2. I have the YTZ10 and it rub a bit a couple of times but nothing to worry about. Not even when I was running a 160 rear tire. it rub on the stock exhaust too.. no biggy about it!
  3. maxpat82

    Protection for laying down

    handguard..pretty much the only needed thing. everything else is pretty bulletproof. I don't like axle slider, juste cause removing them sucks.. have a spare set at home of rear turn signal and mirror and you'll be good.
  4. maxpat82

    Adding a TPS to an FCR

    What does a TPS or the throttle position have to do with cylinder pressure? A DRZ doesn't have a turbo to raise pressure.....the air-fuel mixture is vacuumed by the cylinder volume that's it. I have a TPS on my FCR (From a KLX400R) and no difference at all connected of not. which I have removed since. If your FCR have a bug or slow "kick in the butt" when rolling on the throttle: your FCR have an issue!
  5. maxpat82

    DRZ leaking gas and not starting

    even if the SM petcock is letting fuel through with the engine off....it is not your issue! the last barrier for fuel is the carb float valve!! that's the thing you need to look at first.
  6. 16h isn't long enough IMO. for a almost completly dead battery. check it back after 2-3 day good chance the battery won't hold a charge very long after the charge anyways.
  7. maxpat82

    How strong is the stock DRZ400SM kickstand?

    you can lift the entire bike(both wheel in the air) on the side stand (to pivot it in a parking spot) whitout ever having to worry about it. I do this frequently and have ever did... even with my sportbikes.
  8. maxpat82

    KLX400 slips in every gear

    ^^that's totally normal with the rear wheel in the air / noload.
  9. maxpat82

    Having trouble changing into second gear.

    I commute in street riding boot and when I go offroading I need to lift my shifter 1 spline to accomodate the bigger boot. When going back to commuting : I need to lower the shifter or else I miss shift or have the lift my leg to shift correctly. so drop your shifter for your "slim" boot/shoe and lift it for the offroad boot. (take 1minute with a 8mm wrench(prefer ratchet/socket and extension ))
  10. maxpat82

    KLX400 slips in every gear

    clutch related IMO. wrapped steel
  11. maxpat82

    Tips about using the carb cleaner.

    LOL 2weeks. My bike stay in storage all winter(5month) with fuel in it for the past 7years. Start right up and run like a champ every spring. I cleaned the carb once in those 7years...and it's was cause I was rebuilding the engine and I had it in my hand..otherwise I wouldn't have even touched it. (and it wasn't even gummed up at all)
  12. maxpat82

    Cylinder works big bore

    bbkit since my last ~10K miles....no issue whatsoever.
  13. maxpat82

    Where can you buy master link clips in bulk?

    never loose a clip and I always reuse it when I switch wheel/chain. (except when putting a brand new chain obviously) I can say that I install the same chain at least 20time with the same link and clip.
  14. maxpat82

    MCCT on a 11,000 mile motor?

    35K miles on my stock 2005 ACCT (last 25K with intake cam and FCR and the last 10K of those being 462) still plenty of adjustment possible on it and run like a champ.
  15. generally: octane relate to compression ratio. jetting doesn't change compression.....so same fuel as stock (87) With my 462 I run 94(for peace of mind) but 91 would be ok if not available had always run 87 when stock displacement (even with my intake cam and FCR39)