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  1. ckulzer


    marcusmoberg, What would be faster - A TT500 with a titanium 749 kit using an exhaust pipe from an GT750 and stiffer front springs ___OR___ Uncle Dad's swamp buggy running on eco-friendly methane captured from Grandma's last visit to the outhouse?
  2. Sythetic oil and new filter every 10 hours of trailriding. More often when raced. I have 3 air filters and I rotate them based on physical inspection. Valve clearance checked twice a year - middle intake valve tightened up slightly but within spec before the rebuild. None of the motor parts looked like they were on the edge of failure, they just looked worn. I wanted to replace worn parts before old blue gave up the ghost. Pay now or pay later.....
  3. I did valves, springs, cam chain, piston, rings. etc. after 132 hours of racing/trail riding. The valves were starting to mushroom and all other parts looked worn. It was time..... These bikes are not like a TT500. They will not last forever.
  4. ckulzer

    Taller bars for standing

    http://www.roxspeedfx.com/cgi-bin/cart/showitems.cgi?subcat_id=268 Has anyone seen these risers? They are marketed to dual sport riders, but if you scroll down the page, you will find one that has a 2" rise and also works as an adapter to go from 7/8" to 1 1/8" bars. That is the one I am thinking about. I currently have adapters for fat bars and that gives me a 3/4" rise. I am dealing with sholder pain and sore muscles because I am now standing much more and the bars on my WR450 are too low and not forward enough. I am 6' 1" with long arms - my fear is that if I set up the bars for stand-up, it will not be good for sit-down. These adapters would give me some flexablity. Good day to you all.
  5. ckulzer

    03 WR450 off idle stumble in WNC

    What elevation are you at? I am at 1k and use the following on my '03: 160 main jet 48 pilot jet 72 starter jet Stock needle - stock position GYTR - exhaust insert
  6. ckulzer

    Tough Turning

    Weight the outside peg and climb up on the side of it - elbows up. My '03 responds to an aggressive style. One thing that has really helped me is getting the bars (Pro Tapers with an adapter kit) rotated up/forward enough so the bar doesn't hit my leg when leaned far over. Adding HS compression damping has also helped because the bike doesn't blow through the stroke as fast and the rear of the bike rides higher.
  7. ckulzer

    Wr 450 pipe 03 on an 04?

    Part numbers for the headpipe are the same but the '04 has a slightly different part number for the muffler assembly. Knowing how little they changed between '03 & '04, I would bet that it will fit.
  8. I have more than dents..... There is a big dent and the pipe is pinched closed part way as it exits the exhaust port. Thanks for the suggestion just the same. Anyone with a take-off headpipe out there? I checked the classifieds before I posted here. Thanks
  9. Good day, My '03 WR450 met a rock yesterday and I am looking for a cheap stock replacement headpipe. I have checked part numbers and the '03 -'05 YZ is the same as the '03 -'04 WR. If you have one taking up space in your garage, PM me and help a brother out. I have 2 enduros left in my season and the bike isn't going anywhere until the headpipe is replaced. Thanks
  10. The only difference is that the YFZ headpipe is stainless instead of Ti. I traded a piece of pizza for one - quad guys are OK....
  11. ckulzer

    2003 WR450 Hot start

    This is a FCR2 carb maintenance issue. This will happen to any make of bike that uses this carb. I apply assembly lube to the hot start plunger about twice a year, since it can get oxidized. After 132 hours, I actually replaced the plunger and seal due to wear.
  12. ckulzer

    Kickback warning: Is there something wrong

    If you turn the throttle whilst starting, the TPS (throttle position sensor) advances the timing which will cause a kickback situation. Before you completed your stroke with the kickstarter, the spark had occured and your ankle took the hit. 2 pence for you....
  13. ckulzer

    Grease on Forkseal??

    After 2 hours of ownership, I had a leaker. After that, I took seal maintenance seriously. I now have 4 seasons on the bike - over 1800 trail/race miles (133 hours of run time) - without a failure. I always make sure the forks are clean and I wet them with a little fork oil before a ride. I clean the fork wipers and keep the wiper filled with white lithium grease too.
  14. Also make sure that your hot start plunger is not stuck open. Toes in and on the gas... Chad
  15. You may just need to burp the system. Take the cap off and tip the bike over as much as possible without dumping out a bunch of coolant. Do this in both directions. If you have an air bubble, there could be cavitation and the coolant may not have been circulating properly. If that doesn't work, do what everyone else does and revalve your suspension and install a JD jet kit..... perhaps some other bling might do the job too. No really, start with the simple things first. If you say that your bike has fresh coolant, that means that you recently changed it and that would account for the trapped air. Toes in and on the gas... Chad