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  1. smoove1

    V force reed valve

    I have one in my 07 kx250, seems like it helped the entire rpm range, I am happy with it. Back in the days before the vforce I used to always run the rad valve in my bikes, as far as comparing the two tough to say without trying both in the same bike. Most people say the rad valve is better for low end gains.
  2. smoove1

    Sun 3/30 Ride

    Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.
  3. smoove1

    Sun 3/30 Ride

    Maybe, small world!
  4. smoove1

    Sun 3/30 Ride

    Very interesting, I am a doctor? Who knew?
  5. smoove1

    Sun 3/30 Ride

    Great ride today and good company, must do it again soon. Nice pics too!
  6. smoove1

    Sun 3/30 Ride

    Sounds good, I'll be there.
  7. smoove1

    Sun 3/30 Ride

    Picked up a '07 KX 250 a few months ago, have some trail mods on it now. I am a 2 smoke guy all the way.
  8. smoove1

    Sun 3/30 Ride

    Care if a new guy tags along? I am new to this forum but not to riding, 4wheeled and rode at syc before. Looking to meet some people to go riding with.