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    riding enduro, exploring on my bike, learning to work and maintain bikes better... getting together with riding buddies... I don't do drugs or drink when riding.

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  1. somethingnuw

    2018 WR250F

    Awesome, that’s what I needed to hear... thank you
  2. somethingnuw

    2018 WR250F

    With the changes to the wr in 2018 ( more like the yz250f) do you think it will remain reliable as we are use to the WR being?
  3. somethingnuw

    2018 WR250F

    Will this be as reliable as the wr’s of old?
  4. somethingnuw

    Dealer in Iowa just received 2 450l !!!

    Any HP numbers yet...sorry I live in BC to and haven’t seen any....what dealership maybe I’ll go have a peak
  5. somethingnuw

    Has Honda has confirmed higher HP ratings for US models?

    Thanks for sharing ...great to know
  6. somethingnuw

    2019 Honda CRF450L Pictures & Video

    I read somewhere 25bhp....your 250l is 24 hp I believe...don’t sell the farm just yet
  7. Is it worth the price tag though?
  8. Canadian suggested pricing may be 13k...I’m sorry...that’s insane...that’s like 4 k American lol....not really but it’s a lot of money...for 25bhp...then have to mod it imhop
  9. Yes, hard to believe...albeit it’s a 450r...the mod gods will soon figure it out...I hope. The Kran really helped with advise that worked for my 450x....I wonder too if drz gets away with less smog stuff because it’s grand fathered in...not up against 2019 standards?
  10. .just googled it...25 bhp.....disappointed ....how much can u gain removing emissions ?
  11. somethingnuw

    So far not impressed with "Beta Quality"

    Well said! Cause I always was lead to believe that's what thise extra fees over the sticker price was for!
  12. somethingnuw

    So far not impressed with "Beta Quality"

    Hey thanks for taking the time...those are great resources you pointed out...most bike have very poor service manuals...the Honda 450x did not! I was able to learn a lot...it had a step for step instructions to do everything very impressed...I have never seen it but my understanding is that the CD beta comes with is not like that? if I was allowed to have a bike when I was broke and 14... I would have been forced to buy used n learn to wrench...now that I work 80 hours a week am 40 and can save up n buy a new bike...to me it's a crying shame a dealer wouldn't put a new bike together in what I would believe was an honest way! I honestly believe there's a new market of riders..old guys with some money who can't do chit but will gladly pay for honest work...serious I know a lot of guys getting into bikes later in life...I think the new enduros have a lot to do with it...
  13. somethingnuw

    So far not impressed with "Beta Quality"

    Not being an azz but what if I just getting into the sport n have no idea or am afraid to do it! Not many manuals go into any depth anymore...I bought new thinking i didn't have to worry...I guess lucky I bought Honda? Cause big rain flawless for 5 season
  14. somethingnuw

    So far not impressed with "Beta Quality"

    I guess for me I figured dealer would look after that...I find this very interesting as I started riding very late in life...I have some money and wanted to buy a beta trainer ; however, my riding buddy who's a great mechanic by trade just purchased a new beta evo 300 from same dealer..he went on about him and the owner completely tearing the bike down n redoing everything...he said it was the owners specialty n only does it for friends...no offer to help me! I don't use people n actually would have paid good money to take part in that...to learn! I don't know a lot so it would have been nice...I was told no he's too busy n that I should learn on my own or have no business dirt biking....well they go shove up their you know what!!! How'd this helping grow the sport? Never mind the poorest "dealer - stealership " thing I've ever heard! I don't use anyone and have bought many bottles of rum for guys who have helped me n wanted nothing in return....but how's a guy suppose to learn? Dealerships should put up warning " your bike came in pieces n we didn't give a f*** how we put it together..best of luck" how many new bike you think they'd sell...anyhow ended up buying another bike off someone who takes pride in their business..yes I paid more but didn't care...no it's not a beta
  15. somethingnuw

    Honda is better than Yamaha

    How many hours between builds on your crf? Just asking ...I've heard diff things...sure wish they still made the xr