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    riding enduro, exploring on my bike, learning to work and maintain bikes better... getting together with riding buddies... I don't do drugs or drink when riding.

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  1. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    not much for dealer support up here on GG... beta still an exotic up here...we get no BYOB... just what the dealer buys and then is forced to sell as is...
  2. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    yes, I totally agree with this... we love family camping.. we do it with a tent, f150 and all our gear plus a little trailer... we all love riding to explore... we pick new roads and areas and its a huge adventure... boys ride some mx track a few times a year just to get a new skill set... I have no interest in the track ... but that's just me... honestly I thought the drz400 with good tires was my ticket... till the boys started going up trails.... then the slow speed and weight of the bike made it very hard for me... the boys schools are very academic and sports with no shop... so learning to help with their bike maintenance is also a bonus to the sport that I like... that and honestly we've met some of the nicest people while boondocking out in the woods or hanging out on the mx track
  3. somethingnuw

    Looking for more ridding buddies Calgary/invermere

    Thanks, so Invermere is how far about 1-2 hours? Yes, right now I'm looking at a new beta 300 rr... maybe a 390rr-s dual sport if I move up there... thanks for the info
  4. somethingnuw

    MY 2019 BYOB

    hey look... they fixed the kick stand... its not shaped like a needle anymore so you can actually use it
  5. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    ya my boys are a little young to do that yet but I agree... when they hit working age they can set their own up... I'm a firm believer in that... so far I have a crf50, pw80, kx 65 and KLX 110L, their grand parents have a cabin where we have miles of forest service road all to ourselves... I ride the quad and they follow... except for a few days on the drz 400 its been about 7 years since I've put any kind of time on a dirt bike... watching them gave the itch... I now live in dirt bike heaven so its time... I'm a bad dad and work a lot of shift work.. biking is the one thing we all have in common... id like to build on that while also having my own time to ride with buddies a few times per year... if I show up on my wifes ttr 125 they'd stone me to death I'm sure
  6. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    ya... don't even get me started on a 200... prob perfect then in a few years I could up grade and give it to one of my boys... but dealer up here is so small he purchases bikes then re sells. them... doesn't have a whole lot of stock... a few 480's right now for snow bike conversions... a street legal 2t endure bikes would be a dream... do you know if the 200 will be the same physical size as the 300 just smaller engine? If so maybe a better choice for me... I rode a yz125 a while bike... the old style one with the comfortable wide seat... it was so small and powerful it made for a very fun bush bike
  7. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    I so wish...your living the dream... but I'm buying and setting up bikes for 4 boys... now its my turn... everyone has one great bike except dad
  8. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    personally the 2019 also looks better... but that's just me
  9. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    thank you... I agree... I'm 44 ... first bike was a Suzuki ts250 in my teens that I had to hide from my parents... good street legal 2t dual sport... I loved that bike... prob because I saved my penny's and bought it on my own... I was 14... bike still here and running... since then in my adult years I have had a ( Honda 450x and drz 400) both great bikes.. the Honda was too much bike and I hate the maintenance... my exhaust valve was out ever time someone checked if for me and the drz was too heavy... I know have 3 boys riding my 8 year old is on a kawi 110l and rides hard for his age... I want something reliable I can ride with him and then my buddies when available...despite the many years I suck at riding but I love it... quads bore me and learning to ride and service bikes with my boys is a great fun thing for us all to do.... but moving on my wife is tired of me flogging her ttr125... I live in the pacific northwest so even fast single track eventually heads into rutted out old trails and steep hills... I believe a lighter maybe even smaller bike will help me improve my riding ... if I didn't look like the circus bear on one... id by a trails bike to ride with my boys before moving onto a real dirt bike... anyhow... thanks to you and the others for your input... sorry for the life story
  10. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    that's the bike I'm looking at right now... 10k up here... cheaper then the husky with tip and not much more then the yz250x ... what the word on arrow exhaust and zf suspension... I saw the Italian guy try to do a review... said arrow was stronger and lighter? Those two words don't go together do they? and he says ZF is much better suspension... I sadt on this bike and dealer had me start it... sound very nice.... not sure this bike or 390 rrs... I don't ride roads and not a lot of very hard technical stuff... hard choice
  11. somethingnuw

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    curious of what you think of the 2019 beta suspension? ZF
  12. somethingnuw

    Beta quality slipping?

    that is a great idea... thank you
  13. somethingnuw

    Looking for more ridding buddies Calgary/invermere

    hey I know its late... but looking at job in Golden... would you happen to know what the riding is like up there?
  14. somethingnuw

    250f rebuild help/shops in Vancouver, Canada

    just had a top and bottom rebuild done at valley cycle and repair in Chilliwack... he a really good job... cheaper then a dealer too... he takes his time so It won't be quick but his price and work are great
  15. somethingnuw

    Beta quality slipping?

    you and me both...