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  1. macklikesbikes

    New rims needed...suggestions.

    DID dirt star STX up front. Whatever you want in the back (I run warp 9's cuz im a cheap bastard). My logic is that you never want the front wheel to fail so its worth the extra cash. *edit* Someone mentioned the Tusk/Warp 9 stuff. Its a great wheel at a great price however the bearings provided only lasted me about 20 hours. I have since popped in Bearing Connection stuff and they are close to 80 hours. My Talon front hub has never needed a bearing replacement at over 100; take that for what its worth they ain't cheap.
  2. macklikesbikes

    Chain question

    Use the search! Silicon spray on the slider helps w. the honda noise allot.
  3. macklikesbikes

    *Wanted* OEM headlight assembly

    Not sure if this is kosher...but im on a budget and would figured someone might have one lying in that parts bin. Mine met a rock a few weeks ago. PM me!
  4. macklikesbikes

    What's a CRF 450 X like in the woods?

    Not a good woods bike, ever. Unless you are 240 and have 2 guys with you its just too heavy for downed trees. Great trail/dessert bike, shit bike for gnarly tight stuff with obstacles. Go 2 stroke.
  5. macklikesbikes

    Remove Baja Designs Kit

    Also do you have your OEM headlight i smashed mine good in colorado
  6. macklikesbikes

    Remove Baja Designs Kit

    Why dont you come over and we do this together; there are BD wires everywhere its a mess
  7. macklikesbikes

    Which tran oil am I sposed to use?

    Ditto on the Rotella T4 both sides. Its a great oil and if you get it in the big boy can its cheap AF.
  8. Anyone want to come ride White Wash/Green River or Possibly Moab (probably a shit show atm) this week? Thinking about heading down from SLC tomorrow. PM if you wanna ride, I have a SAT phone but all my riding buddys work during the week!
  9. macklikesbikes

    Radiator By-pass Kit

    Have any of you boys made a by-pass kit? I am having trouble finding suitable hose long enough to make this kit work. Possible to source from amazon?
  10. macklikesbikes

    New Piston - Which brand? OEM? Other?

    Ive been running the JE Pistons for a few years now. Always impressed with the machining out of the box. OEM always excellent but can be spendy depending on your source.
  11. macklikesbikes

    Bike Reassembly Questions and Tips

    I did the chain last spring, so about 30 hours ago. Anyone know if I need to apply anti seize to the hanger bolts?
  12. macklikesbikes

    Bike Reassembly Questions and Tips

    The time is near, getting my bottom end back on monday and I have a few questions for y'all. Engine Hanger Bolts: Apply grease or anti-sieze or assemble dry? Rear Engine Hanger Bolt/ Swingarm Bolt: " " Best way to remove surface carbon deposits from head/valves (only has 25 hours on it) Torque Specs for Cylinder Studs: 44 ft/lbs in criss cross pattern (similar to crossing star pattern used on auto wheels?) I am installing a brand new cylinder just because I have one (long story) and new JE piston as well. Will I have to re check the cylinder head stud torque values after the first few hours? I am using OEM gaskets. I've done this a few times before but our service manuals burned down in last years garage fire :/
  13. macklikesbikes

    Crf450x hot start 'weirdo' !

    Pull and rebuild carb. Its something that you will want to familiarize yourself with as a owner. While your at it replace leak jet with #50 and install the updated accelerator pump from crfsonly.com along with the merge racing accelerator pump spring. Grab a 6 pack and get at it!
  14. macklikesbikes

    Rocky Mountain Gaskets

  15. macklikesbikes

    Lightspeed Carbon Fiber Frame Protectors

    Does anyone know how these attach to the frame; are they glued on or bolted?