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  1. kreativecid

    09 Kawi250f or 09 Crf250r?

    I'm a YZ250F and CRF250R rider and understand all bikes have their good and not-so-good. Having said that, I've spent a lot of time on my friend's 09 kx250f and that bike is arguably better than any 250F ever made for my needs as a non-pro all-around rider.
  2. kreativecid

    Yet Another Boot Question!

    Thank you! My wife may be getting a pair for an early bday thanks to your post!!
  3. kreativecid

    X vs. R -- how do I change it?

    My friend's X has the R cam, a Dubach exhaust, and a Athena 290 kit. Rather quiet and it runs away and hides from my stock R and YZ250F in every condition except waaaay up high right before the rev limiter kicks in.
  4. kreativecid

    Racer X 09 250 shootout

    Each bike could be the "best" bike for a particular rider. That's good news.
  5. kreativecid

    2004 Suspension Linkage

    I know shock valving is different, and in fact, the shock. Maybe the connecting arm is a few mm diff in length to compensate for the 05's front axle offset difference.
  6. kreativecid

    Easy linkage maintenance

    kouba link, as stated have zerks. I've seen zerks on road bike steering bearings back in the day. Believe it was a Harley.
  7. kreativecid

    680 SM vs. 690 SMC

    Buyer's remorse is a biyatch, huh. I think, from what you've posted, get the SMC. You are buying a bike for FUN. Get it and have fun riding it and personalizing it. I love my new 690 SMC. It's pretty much stock except for the lowering link and rear fender stickers, ha.
  8. kreativecid

    Going back to a 2-Stroke?

    My friend just bought a leftover YZ250 and he's in love with dirt bike riding all over again; his garage is full of newer 450F and 250F's, but I think the new 2T is gonna be great for him.
  9. kreativecid

    WR handling ???s

    Like the others have said, set your sag correctly. And do play with the clicker settings. Don't want the front end packing on the small stuff but you don't want it rebounding too fast or your tire will lose contact with the ground. It's a pretty fine line. And write a base setting that you like down. You can always go back. Do one end at a time, rebound at once. Then compression.
  10. kreativecid

    2008 Wr450f

    For what you need, I'd recommend selling the 06, getting an 08wr250f and putting a 290 kit in.
  11. kreativecid

    Whats the best trail protection????

    Maybe handguards that mount to the triple clamps so when you fall over on a log or rock the guards don't move and your levers don't break.
  12. kreativecid

    09 Yz250f

    I have not, but fingers are crossed that it's new and improved. While I could focus on my shortcomings as a rider, I choose to blame the bike.
  13. kreativecid

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Along the lines of "what wins on Sunday sells on Monday" (mine is more "what I liked about others' bikes on the weekend ride and am buying without telling the wife"): brake snake: three times fallen branches forced me to stop when my brake pedal got jammed beyond belief. I believe I'm the last off-road rider to get one. yamalink: until they make Gaernes with stilettos fastway handguards: I have some on now, but they are mounted differently than the newer models I saw this weekend; my metal twists badly whereas the two guys with (the newer?) Fastways said theirs don't. I presume it's due to their bolt location. pirelli scorpion pro: had the XT version but it's more of a mud tire so in about an hour I'm mounting the tried-and-true Scorpion pro that has knobs a bit closer.
  14. kreativecid

    help setting 05yz 250 susp.up for woods???

    My new bike is broken in, motor and suspension, and I've concluded a revalve may be in order. 185 with gear, mainly off-road woods and desert. Beats me on the chop/tundra.
  15. kreativecid


    Unfortunately pro moto billet's earliest kick-it is for the 96 - 01.