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  1. Sumoman

    New headlight?

    thanks FT- it seems thats whats the best option..cant wait to get that installed- i only ride at night close to home just f’n around- the only way i can tell my headlight is on is by looking at my front fender lol
  2. Sumoman

    New headlight?

    question regarding the squadron sport for my 450X- for a dualsport application, is the stock setup ideal or can you have a split between 2 different light patterns??
  3. Sumoman

    Our trusty 450x got us a podium finish at the 1000!

    congrats to everyone on their results..very cool! the X has stood the test of time. *i wonder if the ‘19 new model X will be as good a desert racer?? seems agility sometimes kills the stabity
  4. awesome stuff- thanks JD!! fortunately i get use my X year round but its gokd to know what to do when/if need be
  5. Sumoman

    might adding a blue bike to the stable

    okay i appreciate the reply back BMR and motrock93- im actually going to pass on that WR as i already have my 450X dialed in and not much reason to have another 450 dualsport bike. ive had a CR, several XR’s and now my crf and they have been awesome bikes. i never had a chance to ride any yammy wr450- it would be interesting to compare them back to back after many years on hondas (and a DR350). in the end, what im after is a clean plated XRR to compliment the X and have it more as my longer distance dualsport. kicking a dead horse here, but i wish honda would bring back the xr650r w a plate and electric start <300lbs
  6. whats up guys, im debating picking up a 12+ wr450 in addition to my 450X. i have my 450’s suspension, engine, and armor all in place and she is running 100%. esp since i had the suspension resprung/revalved its been nothing but a pleasure to ride dualsport and trail blasting. if i would add a wr450 to the stable, i was wondering which bike would make a better trail bike vs dualsport vs supermoto. when i bought my X i was also considering the WR’s as well- now i have a chance to pick up clean yammie. i always wanted to ride these 2 back to back and compare them. anyone care to share their opinion or 2c??
  7. Sumoman

    Tank bags and gas tanks

    good call on the Giant Loop- i have their Diablo tank bag and its pretty awesome. not too big or tall, room for vent tube, and nifty zipper for easy removal and fill ups. pricey tho wolfman makes a nice bag but its somewhat larger but price is much less there are a few other good ones as well
  8. Sumoman

    "best" replacement clutch cover 07' CRF450x

    hinson clutch cover is higher quality than the pro circuit or boyenson covers- the price reflects that as well. im sure there are other good ones as well
  9. Sumoman

    Official 2019 X release on Friday

    oh i gotcha, never thought about the frame being too stiff. hiw would you rate the X vs the beta? i dont have much seat time on anything modern to compare to, but i rode 400miles over a long weekend on my 450X and i was amazed how well she treated me lol- i did just have the suspension done so im sure that was a big part of it
  10. Sumoman

    Official 2019 X release on Friday

    kran, thought you loved the WR...why are you selling her already?
  11. Sumoman

    Picked up a fresh 2009 450X

    very nice! I found a super clean 09 as well. Look forward to hearing your comparison to the RX. i do remember somebody wanting to trade a well setup RX for an X which i thought was interesting
  12. Sumoman

    Height challenged x

    x2 on the kouba throwing off the bikes geometry- thats the reason i steered clear of them but i manage good enough w the lower 1” seat and wearing riding boots. if you go w the kouba, i’d just use the one w the least drop to minimize geometry changes. if she is not going to be pushing the pace on the X id imagine the kouba would work fine. if she loves the bike and wants maximum performance, then upgrade the suspension and sell off the link
  13. Sumoman

    Height challenged x

    sounds like you have the 3 most popular options. i’m 5’9 and bought the ‘seat concepts’ 1” lower foam, revalved the suspension w full travel (incredible difference) and rely on picking good lines and balance the kouba link (they have multiple sizes) is probably your best stop before a pricey suspension revalve resprung w shorter springs. cheap(ish) and reversible for resale
  14. Sumoman


    ive been running 14/50 on my dualsported X for couple years now. i stay off freeways but ride secondary roads and lot of trails and everything in between you would find in the NC/SC/TN mountains. the 14/50 works great all around as long as you dont plan on sustained 65mph+. the single track we mostly ride the lowest speeds are still 5mph+ so no need to slip the clutch too much. (i dont have rekluse) *edit* i have a 13T cs on hand if trails get really tight but ive made do w the 14T that i havent swapped it yet. if you want to ride more roads and covering some distance, gear differently
  15. Sumoman

    Lightspeed Glide Plate

    i was recommended the hyde racing plate and have had it 2yrs no complaints..it has extended coverage and molded from a single piece of plastic ie..no seams the acerbis is also a popular one altho i have no experience. i have had a few heavy duty aluminum plates on previous bikes and i prefer the plastic ones as they are lighter, quieter and slide nicely over logs rocks etc...if i rode somewhere where the frame would be taking a pounding i would get a metal plate- likely a works connection- they make some nice stuff