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  1. Crap. Working right now. I’ll get back to yea tonight On some stuff. Kinda hard to do on the phone. Start with this, and browse the mountains. Pick the jeep for over 50 inches or the dirt bike, then start looking where you can legally go. https://www.fs.fed.us/ivm/index.html?long=-120.3253&lat=47.4233&scale=150000
  2. Nothing local except street riding. years ago, I would run power lines for something to do. If you wanna have some real fun.. load up with a few friends and head up to the mountains... trails/forest roads all day long.
  3. Don't forget auto trans, ABS, heated/cooled seats and back up camera.
  4. aint this blue ball were on been melting since day 1?
  5. nah, i just get up there every other year for training.
  6. thanks man, i can ride a bike but can't post a picture. thanks to the wife edit: i'll take any military aircraft. seeing that you are form PA., Ft. Indian town gap has some static displays there. helo's and a c130
  7. i'll play. it hit 60* here today, gas'd up and away i went. it's not the best marina, but it is a small one. here is the next one. Edit: sorry guys couldn't get the big pix up.
  8. i thank you all for the replies and suggestions. but like i said live and learn, right. as for the bike, it's still ride-able but with no fan. gonna order some new parts that are supposed to be there and some accessories to fix'em up right. i figure that i should go back to this place some more to HONE my skills
  9. i went riding Saturday with the bike (DRZ-s) in stock form. to a place with alot of sand, that i did not know about. it's true that the deathwings suck. time for new tires. over all it wasn't too bad, but the tires worked me pretty good. only went down twice it the deep thick stuff while riding easy. now when i got home to clean the bike up, i noticed that i twisted the left radiator and bent up the fan shroud. morel of the story: live and learn, even when told not to
  10. it's not NC but according to the web site, it's in the showroom. good luck man.. thats were i picked my 07 S model from. this is as of 10:45pm http://www.kenscycle.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=05736505X7K15K2008J9I37I30JPMQ2068R0&veh=54125&CatDesc=Motorcycles&ModelYear=2008
  11. Get what you want man. i my self bought an 07-s in yellow just because i didn't like the blue or black it the 08's.. get out and ride.
  12. the wife wants me to put in a small flower bed in front of the house. YEAH that will work
  13. http://www.suzukicycles.com/Accessories/detail.aspx?modelId=3bb66624-a891-494d-b31c-7d154fb476e9&accessoryCategoryId=&accessoryId=da7185d5-f4c9-44af-9465-22b12754433f by the looks of the rack and tool box, it should fit. the tool compartment is on the left side. and from your pix your bag is on the right
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