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  1. ETP

    Valve adjust for new pipe?

    I thought it was bogus too.
  2. Hey guys, I have a friend who is looking at buying a used 2006 WR250. The guy tells him that it needs a minor tune up. He says that it needs the valves shimmed because of the Pro Circuit exhaust he put on it. Does this sound legit? I can see a re-jet, but valve adjust due to a new exhaust? Never heard of that. Thanks
  3. Hey guys. Been away from TT for a while, but pop in to snoop around. My take on all this is that the CA dual sport issue is not an exact science because we are too small a community for the DMV and ranger types to be all equally educated. Its been a messy debate on what works and what doesn't for years. Never know what you are going to run into, but usually the ORV park guys see our DS bikes, check for spark arrestors, and thats it. I did hear of a guy up at Hollister ORV area that was told he could not ride because of not having a green sticker for his DS. Isolated incident, I hope....... I strongly recommend running DOT tires. When I've been stopped by "the law" on my DS WR, its aways been because they thought I was a "dirt bike" riding on pavement. Then, when they see I have a license, etc, they try to justify the stop by looking at what ever they can think of == DOT tires. I also feel that the best source of knowledge on any current DS info is the DS kit company guys here in CA. Like Dale at TrickDualSport. Ride on!!!!!!
  4. ETP

    Electric start and lighting issues

    You really have to start the charging test with a known good charged battery. A weak or discharged battery can load the charging system down for these voltage tests. Your new battery maybe was discharged when you bought it. Get a Battery Tender charger on it for a day or so, then try the test again.
  5. ETP

    Electric start and lighting issues

    To check to see if the charging system is working, put a volt meter across the battery while at high idle. Voltage should be somewhere above 13VDC. Try turning the headlight on during this test and the voltage may change, but should stay up around 13. Remember too that the WR battery and charging system is designed for light weight. It doesn't have a lot of extra cranking power like a car.
  6. ETP

    New Battery

    Just installed my new Turntech 5ah battery in my 03 WR450. The battery, with the new case, did not drop down into the battery box without some help. I had to remove the stock 1/8" rubber pads from the insides of the compartment. Now the battery wedges down in there nice and tight. Just attached the stock battery retaining strap and it seems nice and tight. After attaching the wires, I observed that the seat may make contact with the terminals, so I placed some tape over the top for the connections. Bike started right up and I noticed that the voltage reading at high idle was right about what the battery read before I put it in, 13.3VDC. I'm assuming it didn't read higher, say around 14VDC, because the charging systems senses the battery is fully charged. So far I'm impressed, but time will tell. It was alot of money to spend on a battery, but I just love that little magic button after all those years of kicking. Should be plenty of reserve power for cold days, etc.
  7. ETP

    got myself a wr450 2003

    Welcome to the forum. Good choice, you are going to love that bike! I've got an 03 and have had no problems with it except the starter issue. 2003 was the first year of electric start and there was a design flaw. Yamaha corrected it in 2004. Check to see if your model has been upgraded to the 2004 starter parts. It still should only cost about $250 USD to buy the parts. Use the search engine here to get more info.
  8. ETP

    What to consider on used WR450F?

    I wouldn't be afraid to buy an 03. It was a first year electric start. The flywheel key on a few bikes were shearing because there was no torque limiter in the new starter mechanism. The 04 and beyond has one. If you buy an 03 without the upgrade, it will only cost about $250 for the parts to upgrade. Not much labor involved to install them. Plenty of info here at TT about the mod.
  9. ETP

    Oil filter direction?

    I've been puzzled by that too, but if you look at the inside design of the filter cover and look at how the oil should flow thru the filter, it becomes painfully obvious which way it goes. I believe its hole out.
  10. ETP

    Got Ticks?

    Vas and Cig methods are suppose to be wise tales. Doctors recommend carefully grabbing tick body with tweezers and without damaging the tick. Then pull back some, hold and wait. 99.9% of the time the tick will get annoyed of the pulling force and let go within 30 to 60 seconds.
  11. ETP

    How often should I be changing spark plugs?

    I've noticed that if I put a new one in every 40 to 50 hours, it seems to run somewhat smoother. The plug looks used, but not abused. Always puzzled me, but figured what the heck. I did some jetting a while back. Maybe I don't need to change it as often
  12. If the battery and charging system are working properly, the bike should start no problem after riding for a while. To check the charging system, connect a volt meter on the battery while the bike is running and make sure its reading somewhere above 13+ volts DC. If not, then something might be draining the battery while running, or the charging circuit isn't working. These systems are designed to be light weight, so there is not much reserve power like a car or truck battery. If your bike is typically hard to start, it could be sucking the battery down. My 03 WR450 battery is still the original. Its getting weak and sometimes I have to kick it to get things going in the morning. But once I've ridden for an hour or so, the battery will start the bike for the rest of the day. My jetting is dialed in pretty good, so once warm, the estart fires up the bike within a couple seconds. 6 or 7 seconds would probably be too much for my battery.
  13. ETP

    Off the WR for a while

    Amazing stuff they are doing with back surgery nowadays. Sure they'll have you back in the saddle soon. Good thing the WR suspension can be set for plush. That and a soft seat should help during your recovery. In the mean time, during your recoup, I'm sure you will be online and keeping us moderated.
  14. ETP

    Hello All

    The Vapor works great except for intermittent high tach readings. Eventually I'll get around to troubleshooting that problem. Don't really look at the tach much while riding. Otherwise its been a fun "gadget" addon for the bike. The Vapor kit comes with easy to install sensors for temp, tach, speed, etc. Reasonably priced too. Check it out at trailtech.net.
  15. ETP

    bleu to green

    Bummer for ya man. Was the bike well maintained? Valves, clean oil, etc.? How many miles on motor? No need to dis the blue. Isolated incident. Lots of 450's out there with high miles and zero maintenance issues.