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  1. which have the most room, and the most durable knee? while were at it how do you keep your seet from sufferring knee brace abuse? my cti 2 is ok but my don joy on the other knee kills my seat. thanks
  2. buying 250sxf. do you guys break them in with factory oil? i think they come from factory with synthetic? i was under the impression synthetic was bad for break in. some one fill me in
  3. MY LAST bike was an 03 yz 250f. loved it. bought the 450 with the intention of doing more sandy hilly offroading and less moto. as it turns out i've been doing lots of moto and little offroading. i miss my 250 for moto. i do however love my 450. i will try to keep both if i can swing it.in other words lie to my wife and extend my credit!
  4. sarg

    06 450 in Canada??

    i have money on an 06 250f supposed to be here by end of july. 05 250 2 strokes were here in july of last year. 05 4 strokes werent here till jan however
  6. sarg

    helmet quality

    probably means nothing but pastrami had 10 or 12? concussions wearing a shoei. they probably wished they did not ever sponsor him! i believe he is concussion free wearing an m2r? ive seen posts on other sites where people claim the m2r is the safest helmet.i have one and don't like it. it started out nice but got sloppy. if a helmet fits well in the store it should still fit after 40 hours of use. i had an arai that lasted for 250 hours.every head is different. the new arai is not comfy on my head. my hjc is a perfect fit. my advice is to try on all top brands and pick the best fitting one.
  7. sarg

    helmet quality

    i use hjc for both on and off road. love them.have used arai and m2r as well. arai was good and held up well. m2r felt sloppy after one season.for the price hjc kicks assss. there best helmet is worn by many top riders. ramsey and wey? included. i know they are paid to wear them but i cant imagine a top pro would use a helmet they didn't like or had confidence in.
  8. sarg

    Stock '05 CRF450 Air Filter Comes Unglued!

    mine came apart from the rubber.
  9. sarg

    Acerbis Hand Guards

    the 04 model works on my 05. however i could not use the bottom nut on the clutch pivot bolt. using the nut would not allow the clutch to work smoothly.
  10. sarg

    smokin blue

    my 05 with 5 hours has smoked blue when cold since new. is this normal? i have changed oil and filter twice. i gave it a 1 hour break in. my break included a couple cool down periods. i rode it farly hard without hitting the rev limiter. i have not noticed any oil consumption. to few hours and 2 oil changes would not let me notice any oil usage. my 2 previous yzf's never smoked. thanx.
  11. have 05. want to know if twinair or uni for an 04 will work. my dealer is useless and cant tell yet. they say they dont have a part # yet for any 05 part. turple bros red deer alta.
  12. these airboxes suck. i was thinking about washing out with a garden hose before pulling out the filter. the water and grime should wash out through the bottom.. this would make it easier when reinstalling a clean filter. or blow it out with air?
  13. i bought a set for my 05. they were for an 04. my dealer said they would work. break side fits ok. clutch side is iffy at best. seems to intere with clutch and hot start action. used these units on my yz250f and they worked great.had to take dust guard off on both sides for yz. on 05 crf dust guard on clutch side is one piece shared with clutch adjuster and hot start so i left the dust guard on. is 04 and 05 different in this area? thanx
  14. sarg

    05 gearing

    ride mostly fast sandy trails and some fast moto x tracks. what is recomended? thanx.pick up bike on tuesday and want to put on good chain and proper rear sprocket.
  15. pick up bike on tuesday.is there any skid plates and or rad guards available.seems unusual that the after market companies would not get on the ball. i know they need a bike to build this stuff. but you would think they would have specs and blueprints supplied by honda etc.