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  1. mike1952

    why are supermoto rims smaller?

    very well said. Now can we make fun of cruisers?
  2. Sierra Trading had some recently for about 3 bucks on clearance; I got 8.
  3. mike1952

    TTR 125 Jetting High altitude?

    Don't know about teh 125 but our 230s run great up to about 9000ft with stock jets. Between 9000 and 9500 there is a loss of power but we could still run.
  4. So you are looking for someone to commit a felony together?? At least it would be in Michigan.
  5. mike1952

    You ride a Suzuki, What's your job? (NOW WITH PICS)

    I am a geologist by day and college professor by night. The rest of my time I ride my DL650, DR650 or TTR230.
  6. I am your size and I like my DR650. Not taht agile on tight trails but for overall dual sport use it is fine.
  7. mike1952

    Kelly Blue Book and Owner-Sales

    I found the asking price high but if you show with cash they will deal. CAse in point I am just looking for a new bike to have something difffernt. Called on a SV650 that had an asking price of $4k. I offered $3k over the phone and they said sure.
  8. Its the pits living in a socialist state is it not?
  9. mike1952

    Drz400sm advice please!

    Who pays msrp for a bike? I usally figure msrp is the most otd I should pay. a 09 DRZ400SM should go for $4599 plus tax and plates.
  10. I would like to see more of the reasons why you picked the ones you did. My wife always asks why I need more than one bike and I need answers. I have three now down from 4.
  11. mike1952

    55 year old plus riders

    I plan to ride dirt til I am as old as dirt. I take it easy on trails but still go llike hell on dirt roads. My retirement vehicle will have a way to take my dirt bike or dual sport with me. I also have a bad back but again just take it easy no need to race.
  12. mike1952

    wanting a yamaha ttr 230

    We have an 08 and09 TTR230. I ride the older one and had both made street legal. My son is 17 and just moved up from a 125 last year. We do not race or do jumps but for recreational trail riding they are fine. Had them up to 9500ft without rejetting last year while in Montana. Hard to beat for the money. We got the 09 for around 3K OTD.
  13. mike1952

    Freaking Out About Oil

    I know lots of folks, me included that do not use motorcycle oil. I use Shell Rotella T synthetic in my Vstrom, DR650 and in the TTR230 regular Rotella. Just stay away from energy conserving oil due to additives that my make your clutch slip. Mobil 1 is also popular with the adventure riding group.
  14. mike1952

    Tire Recommendations - KLR250

    GP1 is a good 50/50 tire. I loved them on my DR200 and mayput them on my DR650 next time after I give the Perelli AT90s a try.
  15. mike1952

    High altitude jetting for '09 TTR-230?

    Last summer my son and I took our TTR230s an08 and 09 out to the Black Hills and on to the Beartooth Mts. in Montana. The stock jetting that works in Michigan (800ft above sea level was fine up to about 9000ft in the beartooths. We did not need to go higher because snow was blocking the trails. We were sure of altitude due to our GPS. At just over 9000ft we noticed a little loss of power below that I did not notice any real difference.